Kenet Web Conference: Admin Login - Online Guide

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KENET Web Conference: Admin Login

How to create Account for KENET web conference Platform

1. Go to and click on ‘sign up’. You will fill in the details required and click on ‘submit’.

KENET will approve and activate your account.

It is recommended that you use an institutional email address during sign up

2. Overall view of Dashboard 1. Login using your Username and Password. The username and password should be the same as those used during account creation

2. In case you forget your password, please click on ‘Forgot Password’ and an email will be sent for password reset.

3. When logged in, you will see dashboard, ‘My Meetings’ and ‘My Presentations’. ‘Meetings’ refer to the online sessions. It can be online meetings, webinars or online classes. ‘Presentations’ refer to documents to be displayed to participants during online session. 

3. Adding Presentation

1. Presentations can be pre-uploaded to the platform by clicking on ‘my presentations’ >>‘New Presentation’ and fill in all the details then click on ‘submit’

2. Alternatively, Presentations can be added during the session by selecting ‘upload presentation’ on the action menu at the left-hand side corner below the display screen.

4. How to create an Online Session 1. When you are logged in, select ‘My Meetings’ then click on ‘Create Meeting’ 

2. You can alternatively create a new meeting by clicking on ‘quick create meeting’ on the dashboard

3. Once selected, you will now be prompted to fill in the meeting details. Under the meeting information settings, you can add a name and summary description to the online session(agenda). The meeting name and agenda are displayed when users join the session. We recommend assigning a unique meeting name to each new meeting created

Meeting Start time: Select a date and time for your meeting from the calendar. You can start your meeting at any time before the scheduled time Meeting Duration: Choose the approximate duration of the meeting. This is only for scheduling purposes. It is important to take note of the duration of the meeting/online class. In case you select duration as One hour, should anyone try join after the lapse of one hour, they will not be able to join. Kindly do not also select a long duration, because if you were recording the session, you will have to wait for an expiry of the selected duration to get the recording. Attendee password: This refers to a password that participants will use to join an online session. It is normally sent together with the meeting invitation link to all invited participants.

Moderator password: This refers to the unique password that the moderator/presenter will use when joining a meeting. When one uses the moderator password, they will be able to use all the interactive features and manage their sessions. Please note attendee and moderator password fields are pre-filled 4. Meeting recording is enabled, therefore the start/pause record button in the live session will be available for a moderator to engage to generate a viewable, shareable recording link. 5. If all fields are filled, select ‘Create Meeting’. You will be taken to the next step of adding presentation. 6. Upload presentation by selecting the desired file from the drop-down menu and click on ‘Next’. If the presentation is not ready, you can ‘Skip’ and add it later.

Add participants by writing down their email addresses. If they are many, please use a group email or appoint representatives and use their email addresses.

Click Submit upon completion. The participants will receive meeting invitation link. The meeting is now accessible 9. You can log in directly to a meeting by clicking on the ‘join meeting’. As the moderator ensure to copy/ note the ‘moderator password’

Edit/Add participants You can edit existing email addresses of invited participants or add new participants by clicking on the envelope icon under ‘my meetings’ then submit.

SECTION TWO: Meeting Room 5. How to log in to a session 1. Navigate back to ‘my meetings’ tab to display the created meeting. Select the meeting you would like to enter from the list of available meetings. Click on ‘Open’. You will directly join meeting as moderator.

Alternatively, you can obtain the invitation link from your email address. Simply click on the link. 3. Upon landing on the meeting home page, enter your name and password. If you are the moderator/presenter, ensure to use moderator password. Other participants will use the attendee password usually sent together with the invitation link as room passcode



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