KDF NEWS and Updates - KDF troops offer free medical care to residents of Somalia town

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Kenyan troops carried out free medical checks for residents of Busaar town in Somalia on Wednesday.

The soldiers in the Amisom peacekeeping mission attended to the children, pregnant women and the elderly.

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The beneficiaries are among people most affected by a ban by terror group al Shabaab, against haram medical care.

Sheikh Mustafa Haji, who spoke on behalf of the residents, said they were grateful and will continue supporting the troops.

Mustafa lost his pregnant second wife after the militants prohibited him from going to a clinic set up by the soldiers.

“The traditional midwife sent for me after it had taken a while for the baby to [be delivered]. When I put my wife on a cart to rush her to the clinic, a group of armed militants beat me up. That’s how I lost my wife and child,” he said.

Al Shabaab doesn't want the people to receive treatment from the military and international groups.



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