KCSE 2016 FIRST REVISION OF DEGREE choices by individual candidates

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The Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service is a State Corporation whose mandate is to coordinate the placement of Government Sponsored students to universities and colleges, among other functions.
The Placement Service wishes to inform the 2016 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (K.C.S.E.) candidates and the general public that the 2017/2018 placement cycle commenced in November 2016.  The submission of applications by the candidates through their respective schools came to a close on January 15, 2017.
The Placement Service is now preparing for the First Revision of Degree choices by individual candidates, which will commence on January 30, 2017 and end on February 17, 2017.

All 2016 K.C.S.E. candidates who scored a minimum overall grade of C and above will be placed to pursue degree courses of their choice in public and private universities as Government-sponsored students. Candidates who wish to pursue diploma courses will also have an opportunity to apply during the First Revision. The minimum requirement for placement into diploma courses is C – (Minus) and the application is open to K.C.S.E. candidates of 2016 and previous years.
Any other information regarding the placement of Government-sponsored students to universities and colleges that may be circulating on social media and other online platforms does not emanate from the Placement Service and should be ignored.
We wish to emphasise that the Placement Service communicates with the public through mass media, our website www.kuccps.ac.ke, More information can be found in the Placement Service website.
Thank you.


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