KCPE, KCSE Supervisors Reshuffled to stop Cheating 2018 - Knec Online Results

A major reshuffle awaits thousands of supervisors who will oversee this year’s national examinations. 

The decision came as reports emerged that some of the supervisors and invigilators have already colluded with schools to facilitate exam leakage.

Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) had proposed to assign teachers to supervise examinations in schools outside their own sub-counties.

The move would be a drastic change from the past where the sub-county directors posted the teachers in schools within their regions. The proposal by KNEC will see the mandate given to county education directors.

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Other measures that the ministry has put in place to ensure the credibility of KCPE and KCSE exams is to ensure all officials wear identification badges.

Parents and school heads have also been accused of collecting funds in order to buy out the exam papers.

KNEC acting CEO Mercy Karogo further dispelled fears over the council's preparedness for this year's examinations.

"The council wishes to state that as has been the case in the past two years, all measures have been put in place to ensure exam materials are safe and that no one will breach our enhanced security systems at any stage.

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"The council wishes to reiterate that all measures have been put in place to ensure credible examinations to guarantee regional and international recognition of certificates awarded," she stated.

Karogo cautioned parents against purchasing any exam papers purported to be this year's exam to avoid being duped.

"Parents are advised not to fall prey to unscrupulous people to fleece unsuspecting Kenyans," she stated.


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