Kasneb CPA November 2017 Examination Guide

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Methods of payment of fees
Payment through e-kasneb
Students are advised to download the e-kasneb APP on Google Play Store and
pay through the e-kasneb wallet. Students may also access the e-kasneb on
the student’s portal through the kasneb website www.kasneb.or.ke. A detailed guide regarding this mode of payment may be obtained from the kasneb website www.kasneb.or.ke. Payment through various kasneb Student Fee Collection Accounts with banks Kenya Commercial Bank of Kenya Limited - kasneb Fee Collection
Account No. 1203681194.
4.1.2 National Bank of Kenya Limited - kasneb
Fee Collection Account No. 01001031572601.
Equity Bank Ltd. -kasneb
Fee Collection Account No. 0170299238025.
Kenya Post Office Savings Bank (Postbank) -kasneb
Fee Collection
Account No. 0744130009246.
Co-operative Bank of Kenya Limited - kasneb
Fee Collection Account No. 01129128535900.
Payment of fees by students in Kenya should be made to the above kasneb
Student Fee Collection Accounts in any branch of the above listed banks countrywide using the appropriate fee deposit slips. Students are required tocomplete the appropriate kasneb forms and the relevant fee deposit slips (except for Postbank which does not use deposit slips). Upon payment of the requisite fees to the banks, a cash deposit receipt will be issued to the payee.
The completed kasneb forms should be left with the banks for onward transmission to kasneb

Payment at selected Huduma Centres Students in Kenya may also make payment at the kasneb counters in the

following Huduma Centres: GPO, Kibera and Makadara in Nairobi, Mombasa, Eldoret, Kisumu, Meru, Nyeri, Kisii and Nakuru.
Payment by banker’s cheque/draft
Payment can also be made by Bankers Cheque/Draft. Bankers Cheques/Drafts should be sent to kasneb together with the relevant covering letters to avoid
delays in processing such fee. Cheques are accepted only on condition that they will be honoured on first presentation. Any cheque which is dishonoured for whatever reason or which has to be returned to a student because it is post- dated or is incomplete or has some technical defect may result in the student not being registered or entered for the examinations. Besides, the student will be required to pay an administrative charge thereof.
Students are advised that payment by cash at kasneb
Towers was phased out with effect from 1st July 2017 and therefore students are advised to utilise the above payment channels.
Students residing in foreign countries
Students based in foreign countries may pay fees in US dollars to kasneb KCB collection account No. 1123096465 domiciled at Capital Hill Branch, Nairobi
or by bankers cheques/drafts which should be drawn payable to kasneb
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