ITAX Kenya : This Is What KRA Said About Tax Deadline and Penalties

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This Is What KRA Said About Tax Deadline and Penalties


The Kenya Revenue Authority has released a statement indicating they are not going to extend deadline for tax returns. This means the penalty for Kenyans who did not submit returns is Ksh 20,000.

A full statement from the taxman states:

KRA Commends Kenyans for Filing Returns in Large Numbers


The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) commends taxpayers for showing patriotism by turning up in large numbers to file their tax returns. We would also like to advise that the deadline for filing the year 2016 returns will not be extended.

Kenyans have done a commendable job in filing returns this year. On 29th June, 2017, a day ahead of the deadline for filing returns, over 2.1 Million Kenyans had filed their returns. In the same period last year, only 1.1 Million Kenyans had filed their tax returns.

KRA received approximately 100,000 returns per day as the deadline came to a close on Friday. We commend all taxpayers who have filed their 2016 year of income returns and urge them to file as early as January, in
the coming year.

Currently, iTax services are available at 44 Huduma Centres and 24 iTax Service Centres countrywide. This is an improvement from last year when the services were available at 37 Huduma Centres and 21 Service Centres.

KRA has continued to respond to the needs of taxpayers by extending the working hours at all Huduma and iTax Centres ahead of the deadline.

The Authority invested heavily in services such as mobile tax clinics launched in Nairobi on 3rd April, 2017 and online/TV awareness campaigns ahead of the deadline.

KRA also collaborated with employers to issue out P9 forms to facilitate taxpayers in filing their returns. This was done through taxpayer visitations, letters and through the KRA digital campaign, Mkenya Mtrue.

Thank you once more for being a patriotic Kenyan!

Commissioner for Domestic Taxes

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