If I got pregnant and have the baby in the US can I file for citizenship? U.S. Citizenship By Birth

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No. US immigration specifically disallows that possibility. A child born in the USA confers no immigration benefit at all to a foreign parent until that child turns 21 and can sponsor the parent for permanent residency. It takes an additional 6 years after that minimum to acquire US citizenship.

So yes, you can file for US citizenship by having a baby in the USA if you’re willing to wait 21 years outside the USA for your child to sponsor you and then go through permanent residency to citizenship.

If it was possible for any foreign parent to acquire US citizenship by having a child in the USA, the US would be flooded with would-be mothers seeking to do so. Despite the popular myth that is what having an anchor baby does for the parents, the reality is much more stark. There is no path to US citizenship merely by having a child in the USA with no further action taken.


The fastest way to be a citizenship is to marry a citizen. The second way is to be a talent (professor, researcher) which takes 3 years for having green card if you are not Chinese or Indian. The third way is much longer through worker visa H1B, you may apply for a job, have your employer file for H1B petition and good luck with the lottery. H1B would guarantee you to stay in the US for 6 years if you have sucessful extension after 3 years. However after 5 years you may ask your employer to file for green card, it would take 1–2 years, and you may apply for citizenship 5 years later after the greencard. Don’t waste your time for a child to sponsor you, when you time in the US is ended with your visa, although your child is a citizen, you need to leave the US immediately or you may face the lifetime bar if you stay here illegally and be deported

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