I lost my primary/Secondary school certificate how may I get a replacement, and what is the procedure?

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I lost my primary/Secondary school certificate how may I get a replacement, and what is the procedure?

KNEC does not do replacement but you may apply for a certification letter. Kindly log into our website: http://www.knec.ac.ke . The “Downloads” tab on the Home Page has guidelines and downloadable forms..

Can I get a list of candidates who sat KCPE from (date listed)?

Kindly consult the school you attended for that information. If the information is required for research purpose, make a request through the Chief Executive Officer..

Where is the link to fill in the supervisor details on the website? How do we enter the supervisor and invigilators details online? Please assist.

Send an sms to 22262 and follow the prompt to provide your details.
The last sms will give you the link, username and password.

Is there a way someone can view his or her results online? How far back (years)?

No, the results are not online. Visit QMIS for this query

How can one view their KCSE/KCPE results online?

The results are currently not available online

When does the registration for KCPE/KCSE happen?

Registration starts in January

Misspelt name on KCSE certificate

Apply for name amendment through the school. You will require; letter written by the school principal, copy of birth certificate and copy of the result slip/certificate.

How can I raise a query?

You may use the Query Management Information Service (qmis)

I am an Examiner and I would like to access the marking portal to upload my passport photo and ID number?

The passport is not being uploaded at the moment. Examiners have been asked to carry their photographs.

what is the procedure for remarking ?

Currently KNEC does not do remarking..

How to replace a KCPE and KCSE certificate (Lost, Defaced and Burnt Certificates )2019

Has my certificate been processed?

Confirmation can be made once details are provided, these are index number, name of examination ie (KCPE, KCSE), the names used by the candidates, the year of examination and the date of submission to KNEC.

Complaints about a helpdesk/KNEC offices. Which email/number can they lodge complaints to?

Please send us the details of where this incident happened for the team to follow up. You can also lodge a complaint through email address: complaint@knec.ac.ke and info@knec.ac.ke.

I’m a TSC employed teacher. How do I apply to invigilate KCSE/KCPE exams?

Invigilators and Supervisors are recruited at County and Sub-County Education offices.
Numbers for assistance: 020 6650821/ 020 665 0822/ 020 655 6416/ 0720 741 003/ 0732333530

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