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TSC online registration: To register as a TSC teacher follow the procedure below.

Use the online to register as a TSC teacher. scan the following prior to starting the registration process as they are a requirement.

-All academic certificates including primary,secondary,university and college certificates.

– University or college transcripts

– Passport photo

– Banking slip of the registration payment done.

How to know that you have been registered.

To check your registration status, on the TSC website under online services select teachers online and choose registration status

Duration to receive the certification.

The certification takes 30 days.


Payslips are available online on the link below.

tsc appraisal form 2017

teachers appraisal form

tsc teacher performance appraisal and development tool

tpad tsc school appraisal

tpad form

tpad download

teacher performance appraisal system

tpad tsc go ke83 account login

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