how you can become a member of the Kenya Women Teachers Association, KEWOTA.

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How to join the Kenya Women Teachers Association – KEWOTA (updated June 2019)

Kenya Women Teachers Association was founded to enhance the lives of female teachers socially, career-wise and financially. All female teachers and educators in Kenya have the opportunity to join our community and start benefiting from our services.

For teachers who are not employed by TSC

Please enter your email and phone number on the form below, and we will send you the KEWOTA membership application form. Contact us after filling the form, and our regional officers will either direct you to our offices or pick up the form from you.


For TCS employees


 1: GO to the TSC payslip portal and log in With your TSC details.
2: Once The Page opens up, Go to Third  Parties.
3: Click on: *Click here to Send Your payslip.* 
4: When The menu Box Opens, Click on the *Select Category.* You will find the following Categories:

  • Bank
  • Hire purchase
  • Insurance
  • Micro-finance
  • Others
  • Saccos
  • SWA

5: Click SWA 6: On Select The  Company: Click On Kenya Women Teachers Association(KEWOTA)
7: *Once  You are Sure* CLICK The Send Payslip and it is done.
8: You will see a pop-up message in GREEN: You have successfully sent your latest payslip to Kenya Women Teachers Association.
9: When done, log out of the portal.

For More Information Contact:0786486681 or

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