How will the New education system be tested and When 2-6-3-3-3 system KNEC

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“This pilot study will be carried out to test the feasibility and validity of the planned curriculum designs, teacher preparation and assessment models in different contexts and levels,” says a KICD report on the pilot programme.


The proposal to scrap 8-4-4 was first contained in a 2012 report by a taskforce chaired by Professor Douglas Odhiambo, which recommended a 2-6-3-3-3 system.

The pilot is a major step in the adaptation of the new curriculum, which seeks to radically change the country’s education system in more than 30 years as it replaced the disgraced 8-4-4.

According to the plan drawn by KICD, the pilot targets 470 schools, 10 in each of the 47 counties: Five each from pre-primary and primary.

The 5 are further sub-divided into rural and urban public, rural and urban private, and special needs education.


How does the system Mean or How it works 



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