How to win government tenders in kenya 2018

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The time for the youth and women to take part in the government’s tendering process is now.

Youths now, more than ever, have the opportunity to win tenders that are set aside for them after the government directed that 30 per cent of all government tenders be given to youths, women and persons with disabilities.

This, however, remains an elusive promise to most young people as they lack information on how to win the tenders.

The first step for these special groups to take is to register with the Ministry of Sports, Culture and the Arts.

A youth is defined by law as anyone aged between 18 – 35 and for a company to be considered owned by youths 100 per cent it must be led by youths.

Now that you’ve ascertained that you qualify for the 30 per cent tenders set aside for youths, women and persons with disabilities, the next step is to apply for the tender.


Tips on submitting a winning bid

  • Read through the bid document carefully

It is important to know what is needed and what you can deliver. As you read through the document, ensure you are in a position to provide the goods or services the organisation wants.

  • Complete the document in full

This is very important so that you don’t leave anything out. You should also feel free to inquire if anything is unclear and request for any relevant information that may assist you in filling in the tender document.

  • Be honest

Make sure you give honest information in the tender document as it is a legal document and is admissible in court.

Do not promise what you cannot deliver or be too ambitious in your projections in case your bid is successful.

  • Proper pricing

Do a proper cost analysis and ensure your goods or services are not underpriced or overpriced. Quoting prices that are too high or too low will work against you as they will be considered unresponsive.

  • Quality and reputation

Once your bid is successful, be sure to honour your contract completely and to provide quality goods and services. This is good practice as it will help build a good reputation for your company to enable you win more tenders for your company.

  • Follow-up

In the event you lose the bid, it is important to follow up with the organisation to find out why you missed it, it might be good insight into how to win the next one.

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