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A number of pupils sat for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Examinations in the year 2017 (KCPE). KCPE is an examination that allows one to proceed to form one. It is with a lot of jubilation that we would like to thank all those who sat for the examination, and particularly those who performed exemplarily.

Unlike other years, the exam results were released rather early than former years, making it a phenomenal step as the exams were marked by computers and not individual human beings as it has been the case in the past years.

Today, the system of viewing and receiving KCPE and KCSE results has changed. In the prior years, one had to visit their former schools to determine what marks and grades they’d scored. This habit has greatly changed with virtual communication systems coming into play. Today, it is even easier to know your results and even get your results slip from online sources.

The internet is a resourceful agent through which things have been made easier. And Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC), just like many other government institutions, has tapped the opportunity too.

Viewing your results

For you to view your results, you need a few things- a computer or laptop, internet and a good browser. With these in place, you’re ready to go. Click the browser available on your computer and search KNEC, or .This it the official website for KNEC. Then click on sign in and enter your personal details as it’ll be required of you. These details should only be unique to you and easy to memorise.

They will review your request after you submit. This process takes only a few minutes if your internet is strong. After submitting the website will ask you to login in using the details you provided. Once you log into the system, you then will click on view results upon which you’ll enter your index number, and then click search.

Ensure that you enter the right index number lest you’ll receive someone else’s results. The results will be displayed by the computer on the screen after that.

How to download the result slip

Today, you can get your result slip directly from the KNEC website. After keying in and viewing your results, you can easily click on download result slip to download your result slip. Your computer will then download your result slip into the download folder in your computer or any specific folder that you want it in. then you will click on it to print directly if you have a printer. If not, you can save it in a flash disk and rush into your nearest cyber café and ask the cyber attendant to print it for you.


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