How to TSC does transfer teachers from one teaching station institution to another

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The Teachers service Commission, TSC, may transfer a teacher from one teaching station institution to another based on:

  1. the need for equitable distribution and optimal utilization of teachers
  2. availability of a teaching vacancy in the proposed station.
  3. the need for replacement
  4. existing staffing norms which may be reviewed from time to time
  5. medical grounds, as certified by a registered medical practitioner
  6. any other grounds that the TSC may consider necessary to warrant the transfer.

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1. All relevant sections of this form must be completed in full.

2. Applications should be completed in TRIPLICATE. Two (2) of these copies should be forwarded to the County Director/Staffing Officer through the head of the institution for recommendation, and distribution as follows: (i) Original to the Teachers Service Commission. (ii) Copy to TSC County Director/Staffing Officer.

3. No teacher shall move from one station to another before he/she receives a letter of transfer from the Commission/TSC County Director/Staffing Officer.

4. A teacher’s transfer request may not be considered until he/she has served in a station he/she is assigned to teach for a period not less than five years, except under conditions specified in regulation 27 (2) of the Code of Regulations for Teachers.

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