How to Start a Mitumba Business in Kenya: Canada Grade 1 Mitumba Bales Sellers , Bales, Sale price 2022-2023

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How to Start a Mitumba Business in Kenya: Canada Grade 1 Mitumba Bales  Sellers , Bales, Mitumba Bale for Sale

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Mitumba businesses abound in estates, in shopping centres, in open-air markets, in city centre stalls and even by the roadside. You can start a mitumba business in Kenya with any amount of money but to make it profitable, you need patience and resilience.

Profits don’t come easy unless you put in long hours waiting for customers or looking for the right merchandise. There may be days when you walk back home tired and hungry having made nothing. On other days, it may be a graceful hop like a bunny satisfied with the bulge in your wallet. Here’s a comprehensive guide to your first investment in mitumba.

Requirements to start Mitumba Bales  business

Mitumba Grading

When you approach mitumba suppliers, expect terms like:

  • Crème bale

The items in this bale are new, never worn. Most of the items in this bale may still have the store labels on them. Probably, someone bought an item, didn’t wear it, and dropped it at a charity pick-up point. Crème bales are expensive. A crème bale may cost as much as KSh50, 000.

  • Grade 1 (Grade A)

The items have seen a few washes but they are still wearable. Grade 1 bale is cheaper than Crème.

  • Grade 2 (Grade B)

The previous owner wore the items severally so they are not be as pleasing as a Grade 1 bale. Grade 2 is cheaper. Hence, Grade 2 is suitable for an open air market because the average price of mitumba in such markets is about KSh100, so you won’t incur a loss.


Is a Bale more Profitable than Selecting Pieces Randomly?

In each bale, there are three types of items. There are pieces that look almost new, and they have no defects at all. The mitumba industry calls such items camera. There are also pieces that are slightly used and are not as appealing as the camera pieces.

The third variety in a bale is items with some defects like missing buttons or they have been worn severally so they aren’t as bright as the other two types. This doesn’t mean they are worn out. The industry refers to such items as fagia.

Fagia consolidates all remaining stock after a day/week’s sale. It denies a reseller the prerogative to select what ends up in the bag. For example, if a seller’s fagia comes from several bales of ladies tops and the price is KSh20, when a reseller buys 100 pieces, the seller picks 50 pieces randomly from the pile and multiplies by 20.

A bale is more profitable because you get your money back as soon as you sell all camera pieces. Additionally, with a bale you sell to both to customers and resellers.  A bale lets you explore various markets. For example, sell the best of your stock from a shop and the least attractive of the items from a stand in a local council market.

On the other hand, bales are unpredictable.  The only person who knows what’s in them is the guy who packaged it overseas. Hence, you might get a number of defective or unappealing items in each package. For that reason, select a few items from various sellers whether you only want camera pieces or the cheaper old stock (fagia). If you only have a few thousands to invest, select pieces randomly instead of buying a bale of mitumba clothes.

How to Find a Supplier for mitumba bales

To set-up a successful mitumba business, you need a competent and efficient supplier. The type of bale or items you want to sell should guide you.

Terms suppliers use to define bales include ladies chiffon tops, ladies fancy tops, poly (official looking dresses) dress and mixed (a mixture of denim, cotton and other materials) dresses. If you ever get confused, ask for a clarification before you order.

If you want to select camera instead of buying a bale, find a mitumba trader who opens bales regularly, and is willing to sell the best pieces to you. You might have to pay in advance as assurance that you will show up when the seller opens the bale for you to pick the best items.

If the idea of paying in advance doesn’t sound good to you, visit open-air markets like Korogocho at dawn and select items freely from various traders. That’s why traders flock Gikomba as early as 5:30 a.m. in search of stock. You just need to know when and where the best bales are opened in markets around you.

When buying a bale, one of the main difficulties is finding a trustworthy supplier. There are so many cons so you might pay and never get your bale. Additionally, a trustworthy supplier won’t tamper with the bale by removing the best pieces and repackaging the old stock.

One of the most popular platforms to learn about mitumba and read reviews of mitumba suppliers in Kenya is a Facebook group called Mitumba Chap Chap. With over 130,000 members, this group discusses issues arising in the industry. Grace Wambere, the founder of the group, is a graduate who has been in mitumba business for over 5 years now, demystifying the myth that mitumba businesses are for school dropouts and the hopeless.

How much capital do you need to invest in mtumba?

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Small size –Starting 2000
Medium size 20,000-100,000
Large size  Above 100,000

You can start a mitumba business with as low as KSh100, and expect a profit margin of 50 to 100%. However, capital controls what you sell, where you get your items from and where you sell them. For example, with KSh100, collect ties, socks and bras from various sellers and resell them from an open-air market.  With KSh100, you must select items to sell from another trader.

However, if there’s more money, buy a bale, and have the freedom to choose where you sell it from whether in a shop or an open air market.

The amount of capital also depends on the amount needed for expenditures like rent, the cost of stall installations, employees, a business license, a steamer to remove creases, a mannequin, hangers and a motor bike if you would like to do deliveries yourself.  When you list down all the expenses, and include at least three months’ rent, you arrive at the average amount of capital you need.

The Pricing Strategy of Mtumba Bales

In an open-air market, you may open a bale of clothes and sell everything at the same price. In such settings, the price of each item should cover a fraction of the cost of the bale and the profit expected. The price of the remaining items goes down consequently each day. You could wait until all the items sell, mix the last 20 or so pieces with a new bale or set the old pieces aside and sell them alongside a new bale.  If there’s space and money, get two stands. Stock one stand with new bales, and sell old stock( fagia) at a throw away price from the other stand.

Another pricing strategy that works best for stall owners whether selling retail or wholesale is sorting the items into camera, the middle quality and fagia. For instance, a ladies poly dress bale bought at KSh30,000, delivered in Nakuru at KSh1,000 means the cost of purchase is KSh31,000. Hence, the 150 pieces in that bale must yield the amount invested plus profit.

Let’s say there are 70 dresses that are almost new, 50 pieces that are in good condition, and 30 pieces that aren’t so pleasing. Divide the cost of purchase with the 70 pieces and you get 442. Sell the 70 pieces at between KSh450 and KSh500 and to get your money back. Sell the remaining 80 pieces at between KSh300 and KSh200 to get a profit of about KSh20, 000.

When using this pricing strategy in an open air market, state clearly that each item has a different price so that your customers know before they rummage through the pile. Hence, the camera pieces get back all the money invested in buying the bale.

Additionally, use discounted pricing when targeting resellers in order to clear your camera stock fast. Encourage resellers to buy from you at a lower price for maybe 10 pieces or more.

The Most Profitable Mtumba bale clothes

All second hand clothes sell. However, more mitumba traders specialise in ladies clothes, shoes and handbags. Shem Spiess, one of the youthful mitumba bale suppliers says ladies tops, both chiffon and ladies t-shirt tops, sell fast. Nevertheless, you ought to figure out what sells better in your region by analysing the local market or trading centre.

According to Shem, who reaches out to customers looking for mitumba bales online through his Facebook business page, Purple Queen Stores, “The biggest challenge is dealing with people who want to venture in mtumba. They come in wanting to make their millions fast hence they are not prepared to handle the risks involved in mitumba business”.

Factors that influence what sells better in your local market include the weather, the demographics as well as the economic activities. For example, if you live in a township with a larger older generation, you would obviously not expect to see jump suits in mitumba shops in the town centre.

However, if there’s a university nearby, a few mitumba traders stock clothes for the younger generation. Additionally, if you live on the foothills of Mount Kenya, heavier jackets would sell more than light sweaters.

The profitability of stalls and markets near boda boda operators or the main stage may also be influenced by the economic activity taking place there. These are small niches that need mitumba helmets, maroon and blue khaki trousers, reflector jackets, riding boots and heavy (winter) jackets. Hence, the profitability of such mitumba businesses in that area is influenced by the economic activity.

The most profitable mitumba in your area might also be controlled by the purchasing power of your target audience. For instance, if you are targeting girls in high school, selling bras at KSh50 and below is more profitable than buying an expensive bale to retail each piece at KSh200.

Where to set-up your business

There are two types of mitumba businesses. You are either a retailer or a wholesaler. A wholesaler needs a few millions to ship a container of mitumba wear with about 550 bales, so let’s leave that for another day.

As a retailer, sell exclusively online, or have a shop and use various marketing strategies to draw customers to the shop. There are a few challenges of selling online but as I said earlier, resilience and patience are the ultimate traits of a mitumba seller.

Mitumba is a good side hustle. Make deliveries at lunch hour and over the weekend. Get a trustworthy employee and run the business all week long. The only compromise might be waking up early over the weekend in search of stock if you select items from other sellers in Gikomba and elsewhere. Alternatively, buy bales instead of selecting pieces randomly.

Irene Oduor started her business in June, 2016, and she says it currently meets all her financial needs. “I chose to sell Kidswear because after doing my research I found out that they move really fast since babies outgrow their outfits very fast compared to adults. Most importantly, I love children so dressing babies is fun and I do it effortlessly”. She is active on Facebook, continually publishing collections of baby wear on her business page Timeless Kidswear.

Irene runs her business online, making deliveries throughout the region. “I sell purely online since I started and I must appreciate the fact that I can reach a large client base because a client in Malindi or Busia can get to see what I sell just by going to my Facebook business page. Besides, by selling online, I reach even those around East Africa and the more customers access my page, the more it boosts my sales, as long as I stock right outfits for them. I would choose online any day so as not to limit myself and so far so good”. Her page is doing well for a business that is just over a year old, with over 4,000 Facebook page likes.

For land-based a mitumba business, sell in a shop, a make-shift stall (kibanda), in a local market or a container stall.

Selling mitumba clothes in Gikomba and other large open-air markets is profitable because of the millions who tickle in for supplies or to buy mitumba for personal use. However, all mitumba sellers cannot fit in Gikomba so you have to get a kibanda or stall elsewhere.

 To sell in a stall or kibanda, here are a few things to think about.

  • Find a premise that is suitable for the items you want to sell. For example, sell Grade 2 bales in an open-air market because they are cheaper, and on a good day, it takes a few hours to recover your money. Alternatively, if capital limits you, select a few pieces from other sellers at about KSh10 and resell at KSh30 in an open-air market. On the other hand, when selling in a classy mall, you need enticing apparel like crème and first camera pieces from Grade 1.
  • How will you attract foot traffic to your stall? Some sellers use digital marketing platforms like Facebook to make sales or inform area residents about the shop. Unless you expect to make all sales online and do deliveries, there should be sufficient foot traffic around your stall or kibanda.
  • Can you sustain the business for about a few months without spending the money recovered from selling a bale on expenses? If not, you won’t have money to buy stock by the second month.

Problems/market forces in mtumba business

Selling mitumba is a lucrative venture, one that supports a significant population across the country. Getting into this sector is sometimes plagued by problems like extortion by middlemen, supplier scams etc. However, these problems should not stop you from earning a decent living.

Some issues, such as losses and buying a bale that’s not suitable for the market, are manageable. However, there are other market forces beyond your control such as calamities and political influence on the industry. Annually, mitumba sellers in open-air markets like Toi Market and Gikomba incur losses due to unexplained fires. The best precautionary measure is insuring your stock against theft, fires and political upheavals.

Since 2015, the East African Community (EAC) has held talks severally about banning mitumba to save the region’s textile industry. However, Kenya stalled these plans earlier this year, so mitumba businesses can breathe and compete with the local textile industry. For now, since the government has not banned importation of mitumba, set up your business and make some money. You shall cross that bridge of imports ban when you come to it


What is Mitumba bales?

Mitumba is a Swahili term, literally meaning "bundles", used to refer to plastic-wrapped packages of used clothing donated by people in wealthy countries. ... From there the clothing is widely dispersed into the interior of Africa.

How much does a bale of Mitumba cost?

Mitumba bale prices range from KSh8,000 to KSh50,000. The country of origin, the grade, the wholesaler's profit margin, and the clothing items packaged in it dictate the cost of a bale. For instance, a Grade 1 bale of trench coats cost abetween KSh8,000 and KSh9,000, and it has about 40 to 50 pieces.

How many pieces are in a bale?

A mixed adult bale could have approximately 200 pieces or less. A child bale could have up to 450 pieces of clothing approx. An adult winter could have 130 pieces of clothing approx.

Which country has the best Mitumba clothes?

A mitumba business is one of the most profitable in Kenya. According to a Reuters report, an estimate of 100,000 tonnes of mitumba clothes is imported from China to Kenya annually.

Is selling second hand clothes profitable?

Used clothing stores offer a higher profit margin due to the fact that the inventory is donated or consigned rather than purchased. Another advantage is that these types of stores tend to thrive during periods of slow economic growth.

Can you get diseases from second hand clothes?
Yes, clothes and towels can spread germs. There are 3 main ways that germs are spread by clothes and towels: when towels or bedlinen are used by more than 1 person germs can spread between them. when someone handles dirty laundry they can spread germs onto their hands.
How much is a bale of used clothes in Ghana?
Our surveys show that bales can cost over 2,000 Ghana Cedi or roughly 400USD, with the average cost per bale being 750 Ghana Cedi or roughly $150 USD.

How much does a bale of clothing weigh?

Where do Mitumba clothes come from?

Which is the best business to start in Kenya?

What happens to your clothing when it is sent to Kenya?

How much is a bale of cardboard worth?

How many bales of hay does a cow need a day?

How much does a small bale of hay cost?

Is second hand clothes a good business?

How much should I sell second hand clothes for?

Is selling clothes a good business?

What should you not buy at thrift stores?

Can you get STD from thrift store clothes?

Can you get an STD from used clothes?

What is a bale of clothes?

How is second hand clothes called in Ghana?

Is okrika business profitable?

Which day is Katangua market?

Where can I buy Bale in Lagos?

How much is a bale of Okrika in Nigeria?

Cost Analysis of Okrika wears

Item Quantity Current Price
Clothes Big Bale ₦400,000
Bags Small Bale ₦70,500
Bags Bigger Bale ₦500,000
Sandals Big Bale ₦590,000

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Long ladies Sweaters: Kid’s heavy leggings
Children sweaters: Rain coats
Children winter wear: Adult anarock jackets
KSh 20,000: KSh 9,000

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Exporters buy mitumba from charities in various European countries and grade it according to wear and tear. Hence, when the bales arrive at the port, they are ...

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Which country has the best mitumba bales?

A mitumba business is one of the most profitable in Kenya. According to a Reuters report, an estimate of 100,000 tonnes of mitumba clothes is imported from China to Kenya annually.

Where do mitumba bales come from?
How Mitumba Grading for bales is done

Exporters buy mitumba from charities in various European countries and grade it according to wear and tear. Hence, when the bales arrive at the port, they are in various categories that are locally known as bales. The items in this bale are new, never worn


Mitumba bale BAGS
Top quality Bales of Bags; school bags, Ladies handbags, Mix bags, Laptop carrier bags, travelling bags and others all fairly priced and meeting clientele diverse tastes.

baseball caps,mixed caps, wool caps, Ladies hats,ladies silk & cotton scarves,shawls ,paired socks

In our stock of Bales for Children clothes we have items such as Baby light, Baby Mix, Baby blanket, Children medium Mix, children cotton rummage, Boy T shirts & shorts all well sourced and priced for the satisfaction of all

Mitumba bale MEN WEAR
In our stock we have Bales for all categories of men wear such as Cotton & jean pants, shorts, shirts & T shirts, Hoods, sweaters & Jackets, joggers & others, all selected to meet the taste of the modern gentleman and of men of all shades

Mitumba bale HOUSEHOLDS
In our stock we have high quality Bales for items such as Bedsheets, Bedcovers, Blankets, Duvets/Comforters, Curtains, Household rummage, Carpets & Mats, all of which are sourced and priced as per the regions preferences and tastes

Mitumba bale LADIES WEAR
In our stock we have topnotch Bales for all categories Ladies wear such as Chiffon & cotton blouses, skirts, dresses, pants/trousers, jeans, tights, sweatpants, Hoodies, sweaters, jackets, leggings and more carefully chosen for the highly fashion conscious woman, prices are affordable for women of all social strata

Mitumba bale MEN WEAR
We are importers and distributes of high quality mean wear in Africa. We source high quality clothing from UK,CANADA, USA AND CHINA

Mitumba bale SHOES
High quality shoes bales including vans,sport shoes ,skating shoes ,mixed shoes ,rubbers and football shoes

Mitumba bale TOYS
Stockists of top quality Bales for both Hard & soft toys

Kamukuji Mitumba Bales

Leading Importers & Distributors of Mitumba Bales in East and Central Africa Region Sourced from the UK, Canada, United States,Euro Zone, China, Korea & Taiwan, we supply a wide range of Second hand clothes Bales that are of top quality, well packaged & clearly labelled. Our Bales are fairly priced & affordable to all category of vendors. Our payment terms are convinient and tamper proof


Mixed shoes (Adult)
100 pcs,UK,4 views
Ksh 9500

Children medium mix OFFER
300 pcs,UK,4 views
Ksh 16000

UK premium hooded sweatshirts
100 pcs,UK,0 views
Ksh 16000

Girl dress
240 pcs,CANADA,2 views
Ksh 28000

Men long sleeves shirts
200 pcs,UK,5 views
Ksh 20000

Ladies T-shirts
300 pcs,UK,8 views
Ksh 11000

Ladies Jumpsuits Bale
220 pcs,UK,1 views
Ksh 26000

Children pants
250 pcs,Canada,5 views
Ksh 20000

Boy shorts
350 pcs,Canada ,5 views
Ksh 33000

Baby heavy mix rummage
300 pcs,UK,18 views
Ksh 12000
Most viewed

Best ladies mixed dress
180 pcs,UK,62 views
Ksh 22000

Cotton skirt
260 pcs,Uk,52 views
Ksh 16000

Ladies Hand bags
85 pcs,USA,46 views
Ksh 16000

Children pants (trousers )
300 pcs,Canada,43 views
Ksh 9500

Bomber jackets
160 pcs,Canada,35 views
Ksh 16000

Children jackets
160 pcs,Canada ,28 views
Ksh 9500

Adults fleece bales (jumper)
85 pcs,Netherlands,25 views
Ksh 9000

Carpet Mtumba bales
42 pcs,Korea,25 views
Ksh 19000

Girl dress
300 pcs,Canada,21 views
Ksh 26000

Children light mix
600 pcs,UK,19 views
Ksh 29000
Ladies Wear

Best ladies mixed dress
180 pcs,UK,62 views
Ksh 22000

Cotton skirt
260 pcs,Uk,52 views
Ksh 16000

Bomber jackets
160 pcs,Canada,35 views
Ksh 16000

Ladies Denim jacket
140 pcs,Uk,13 views
Ksh 11000

Ladies college jackets
180 pcs,Canada,9 views
Ksh 18000

Ladies Blazer Bales
160 pcs,Uk,7 views
Ksh 9500

90 pcs,China ,11 views
Ksh 12000

Ladies silk dress (Chiffon dress)
160 pcs,UK,11 views
Ksh 29000

Cotton blouse
400 pcs,UK,12 views
Ksh 19000

Ladies shorts
1500 pcs,U(,14 views
Ksh 16000

Mitumba bales categories prices by (TEDDMAK MITUMBA BALES IMPORTERS ) 

TEDDMAK is Kenya's most trusted grade A Mitumba Bales importers.Its located in Gikomba market Nairobi. They do delivery to all towns within Kenya and Major towns in Uganda and Tanzania.



Chiffon premium @ Ksh 18000 - 21000

Mix blouse @ Ksh 10000 - 12500 (300pcs)

Ladies poly blouse @ (300pcs)Ksh 15000 - 18000

Ladies skinny jeans premium @ Ksh 18000 -21000. (Pieces 100)

Ladies spring dresses @ Ksh 35000 - 40000k (140 pc)

Ladies official dresses @ Ksh 33000 - 35000

Ladies mix dress premium (130 pcs) @ Ksh 28000 - 30000

Ladies poly silk premium dress (140 pc) @ Ksh 32000- 35000

Ladies mix dresses @Ksh 23000 - Ksh 25000

Mix skirts premium (pieces 200) @ Ksh 15000-17000

Official skirts 150-200Pcs @ 20k-22k

Ladies cotton trousers  (app 100) @ 9500-12000

Ladies t-shirts @12000 - 14000 (300 pc)

Ladies tights @17000 - 19000 (200 pc)

Trench coats premium 9000 - 10500 (50 pieces)

Ladies suit modern blazers @9000 - 11000 (100 pc)

Handbags @16000-18000 (70 pieces)

Polo dresses premium @21k-24k (140 pieces)

Light fashion sweaters @8000-10000 (180 pc)




Men premium shirts @28000-31000

Men khaki premium @17000-20000 (100 pc)

Jeans @22000-25000 (100 pieces)

Men mixed t-shirts premium @20k-22k (250 pc)

Polo t-shirts short sleeved @16000-17500 (200 pc)

Sports t-shirts @26000-28000k (200 pc)

Sport shorts @26000-28000

Cargo shorts @15000-18000k (150 pc)

Adult mix shorts @15000-17000 (150 pc)

Jogging pants @14000-16000 (100 pc)

Hooded adult premium @14000-16000 (100 pc)

Baseball caps @25000-28000

Men zipper/ bomber jackets @ 11000-12500. (70 -100 pcs)

Men anorak jackets 8000-10000. ( 50-70 pc)




Heavy romper 28k-30k. (Pieces 300

Rompers mix @21000-23000 (400 pieces)

Baby sleepers @16000-18500

Baby light super premium @28k-30k (600+ pcs)

Baby children light premium @24000-26500 ( 500 pc)

Baby medium mix @14000-15500 ( 300+)

Children summer wear @18000-20000

Children jackets premium @12000-14500k

Girl dresses premium 26000-28000. (250 pc)

Children pants @14k-16k (150 pc)

Boy t-shirts @26000-28000 (300 pc)

Boy shirts @29000-32000 (300 pc)

Boy shorts @27000-30000 (200 pc)

Children heavy mix @6000-8500 (100 pc

Hooded sweatshirts kids @15k-17k (100 pcs)

Jogging suits @10000-12500 (100 pc)

Children trench coats @9000-11500. (100 pc)




Comforters (duvets) premium @15000-17500(20-22

Light curtain paired @27000-30000 ( 60 pairs

Paired curtains heavy @19000-22000 ( 30pairs)

Lace curtains with sheers @22000-25000

curtains and drapes @10000-12500 (50 pcs

Kitchen household @10000-12500

Bathroom/Door mats @15000-17500

Bedsheets premium @17k-19k (70 pieces)

Creme paired bedsheets @31k-34k (24 sets, each set pair of bedsheets + 4 pillowcase)

Carpets 100kg bale @32k-35k (32 pcs)

Carpets 45 kg @14000-16500(17 pc)

Creme towels colored @24k-26k. (42 pcs)

Creme towels white @27k-30k (42 pcs)

Households premium 12k-15k.

Households grade A @10000-12500




Skates @10k-13k (15 pairs)

Crème canvas adult @20000-23000 ,50 pairs

Crème kids canvas rubbers @20k-22k, 70 pairs

Mix bags @14000-16000

Winter scarf @5000-7000

Silk scarf@15000-17000

Leather hand bags @15000-18000 ( app 70 pcs)

Denim jackets @1000-12000 (app 70 pcs)

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