how to reverse money withdrawn from wrong agent

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All Mpesa agents dread this from happening and it is kind of part of being an agent cause once in a while it will happen either due to your or client side error. Once you have deposited the money to the wrong number , the best you can have is speed. The faster you follow up for a reversal the better because some canny Kenyans are really fast to withdraw money from their account that is not rightfully theirs. With the new Safaricom Hakikisha Service , the number of deposit transactions to wrong phone numbers has greatly reduced but once in a while an erroneous transaction can occur. Below are the ways you can use:-

Step 1: Send an SMS to 2530 with the transaction number and you wil receive a confirmation in seconds.

Step 2: Use USSD Code 234 to Reverse

Dial *234# on your Till Line

Choose Option 3: Mpesa Agent Services  Choose 1:Reversal Request and Enter the Transaction ID i.e. the one that came up after the wrong deposit. Always have it before hand to avoid repetition of the process…remember speed here is crucial.


Getting a response from this method is normally not instantaneous so you move to step 2

STEP 3;CALL Customer Care

CALL Customer Care on 234 again with the reversal request. You have to go through a couple of questions first e.g. your agent name, number , your assistant ID , ID Number , the correct number you intended to deposit the money , name that came up after the deposit , amount . After confirming these details , the rep will either advise on the state of the transaction e.g. if it is possible to do a reversal or not .If lucky enough , you get the deposit reimbursed back to your till account for re-depositing to the correct number. However, this will only happen when you have sufficient float since Mpesa reversals take up to 12hours for the amount to be available for deposits again but it will still show up in your float balance.

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