How to register in NTSA TIMs in kenya

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To access services available on NTSA TIMS platform, you need to create a personal account.

To register;

1. Open the NTSA web portal using this link

2. Both buyer and seller are required to register an account in order to transfer a motor vehicle.

3. Click on Register an account to input your details and follow the process to complete registration.

4. Make sure you click on Subscribe SMS at the top right-hand side of your screen to receive a security code and other notifications involved in the transfer of motor vehicle process.

5. After you have registered, use the link provided above to see the login interface.

6. Click on the Login Method to choose whether to use ID number for individuals and Username or Certificate of Incorporation for companies, followed by your password.

7. Key in the pop-up Security Code sent to your mobile phone via SMS.

8. Finally, click on the Sign In button to log into the system

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