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The teachers service commission (TSC) of Kenya provide the following online services for Kenyans: TSC jobs online, applying for pay slips, wealth declaration forms, pension matters, such as NSSF. Teachers can access TSC pay slips online through the TSC website (

TSC pay slips online registration

Once employed, it is a requirement for all teachers to register and login in to the TSC online portal system to access pay slips.

The procedure involved is rigorous but it would be easy if you pay attention to the following procedure:

Step 1

  1. Search and click on the registration/activate account button to get started. You will be required to provide the following items during this process.

  2. TSC number- if you do not have one, kindly follow the steps below

  3. Your full name as provided in your National Identity Card- feed the names in as written on your ID

  4. ID number as it appear On your ID card

  5. Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) tax Personal Identification Number (PIN)- if you don’t have one, apply for one in the nearest cyber

  6. Date of birth- as it appears on the ID card

  7. Designation code- found on your physical payslip

  8. Pay station code

  9. Bank account number (if you do not have one, kindly visit any local bank of your choice and open one)

  10. Mobile number

  11. Personal email address

If you miss one of the above requirements your account might not be activated.

Step 2

After you’re done entering the above details, you’ll be required to enter a new password. Here, ensure you key in a password you can easily remember. Ensure it is a secure one too.

Now, you can login and download the payslip, which you can print immediately if you’re near a printer or save it as a document and print it later when you access a printer.

For more information, email them

Phone: 0202892158/ 0202892058 (8am- 5pm)

New teachers are required to apply for online ( registration. The following documents are to be scanned and uploaded in the required format.

  • Copies of academic and professional certificate (must be certified), ID card and a passport photo

  • Entry and work permits

  • Deposit of Kshs.550.

Payment information



National Bank of Kenya

Account Name: Teachers Service Commission

Teachers Registration

Fees Number: 01001000905001



Mpesa Business Number- 547700


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