How to Register a company or Business name in Kenya 2017 Questions and answers

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  • Do registration fees depend on the amount of share capital or are they fixed for all companies?

            Stamp Duty is 1% of nominal capital KSh 2,020, as declared in your Memorandum and Articles of Association. So, a 100,000 shilling capital would incur 1,000       2,020 shilling Stamp Duty, for a total of 3,020 shillngs.

  • How do I register a business in Kenya?
    You create an account at the government services website Then you go to the Attorney General section, where you do first a name search. After a successful name search and registration, you need to start another application, which is the company registration. You need the number from the name search for that. Fill in the forms online.
  • Can I buy an existing company?
    Yes, you can. Check with the local authorities for the process of buying a company in Kenya.
  • How do I get my PIN certificate if I have my Certificate of Incorporation?
    If the PIN you are referring to is the KRA PIN Certificate, you visit the nearest KRA support centre or Huduma Centre with your Certificate of Incorporation and a valid email address. The reason you need the email address is because the business PIN is not processed immediately like the individual PIN. It is sent to the email address you provide upon approval.
  • What part does the AG play in business registration?
    The Attorney General's office maintains the companies register. His/Her section in the is the route to take to register a company.
  • Is there a difference between certificate of registration and certificate of incorporation? Where are they issued?
    A certificate of registration is a license that allows the owners to operate or run their businesses.A certificate of incorporation is issued after incorporation where the business becomes a seperate legal entity .
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