how to recover money sent to wrong number via mpesa

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have you ever accidentally sent money to the wrong number, then the person withdrew the cash and even after pleading with them they refused to return it? (It happens. Safaricom gets over 10,000 calls daily from customers seeking to reverse transactions).

Have you ever received money sent to you wrongly, withdrew it, used it and refused to return it?

Some people argue that "oh, I was suffering so it is God's doing that that money was sent to me accidentally, so I can now sort out my issues" but that is not true.

That is theft and it can land you in jail. Beware.

If you realise that you sent money to the wrong number:

1. Press any letter/number within 25 seconds followed by send to cancel.

2. If you are past stage 1, send the Mpesa transaction message to 456 immediately.

3. Alternatively, send an SMS to 234 with the word "reverse" immediately, then immediately forward the erroneous Mpesa transaction to 234.

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