How to pay Your Helb Loan : Loan Repayment

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Q: How often do you send Loan statement?
A: To know your loan status visit our website:

Q: What are the modes of repayment?
A: Check off system, Credit card, Standing order, Cash/cheque deposits to HELB Account, Mpesa

Q: How do I pay my loan from abroad?
A: Credit card or Direct Transfer to HELB account number 300 040 012, Citibank Nairobi. Swift code CITIKENA

Q: What happens if I default?
A: You will be penalized. For each month that remains unpaid you pay a fine of not less than five thousand shillings.

Q: Can you clear in one installment?
A: Yes, without any extra charges.

Q: Why charge ledger fees?
A: For maintenance of the account.

Q: What happens when I clear my loan?
A: You will be issued with a certificate of clearance.

Q: How do you tell where I am?
A: Within one year of completion of your studies or earlier you are supposed to inform the Board of your whereabout.

Q: What happens if I overpay?
A: HELB shall refund the overpayment.

Q: How long does it take to get a refund?
A: A maximum of one month

Q: What if I die before clearing the loan?
A: HELB can waive the loan upon request from your next of kin.

Q: What happens if I change employers?
A: You continue paying with the new employer.

Q: Loans are not recoverable after six years. Is it applicable in your case?
A: No.

Q: Can interest be waived for Muslims?
A: No. Accepting to pay interest is one of the conditions to qualify for the loan.

Q: Do you repay the loan if you are on probation?
A: Yes.

Q: How do you determine the monthly deduction rate?
A: We are supposed to deduct up to 25% of the basic Salary.

Q: Payslip balance does not tally with that in HELB statement.
A: Payslip balance includes both accrued and projected interest. HELB balance includes accrued interest.

Q: My payslip balance reads zero, does that mean I have cleared loan repayment?
A: Not necessarily. Please confirm with your loan statement and seek clearance from HELB.

Q: Does my employer need authority from me to make loan deductions?
A: No.

Q: Can I instruct my employer to start deductions without first consulting HELB?
A: Yes

Q: My employer stopped deductions from my pay, that’s not my mistake.
A: Loan repayment is your responsibility. Please keep track of your repayment until completion.

Q: What happens if an employer does not remit the deductions made?
A: A penalty 5% per month is charged on the employer for every deduction that remains unpaid.

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