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how to use the new TSC Payslips Portal;

To use the portal you must first be registered. Registration is no longer done online. Therefore, once you are employed by TSC, visit the local TSC County office. Remember to carry your National ID Card. Once at this office, the TSC staff will register you online and they will give you a password that you will use to access the T-Pay Portal.

Once you have this password, then, you are good to go. 


How to login to  T-PAY PORTAL

  1. First, visit the TSC Payslips Portal by using the link address;  
  2. next, enter your User Name (TSC/ National ID Number) and Password. Click ‘Login’ as shown in the image above. In case you forget your password, you have no reasons to be worried. Simply click on the ‘Reset Password’ tab as in above. 
  3. Once you click on ‘Login’ you will be redirected to your account dashboard as shown below;
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