How to Know Your KPLC Prepaid Meter Number 2017

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If  you do not know your KPLC meter number you can retrieve it from the prepaid meter box  fitted in your house.

The codes to retrieve the kenya power meter number  depend on the make of the meter box you have from KPLC


- somewhere to write e.g a book and a pen


To know your kenya prepay meter number please follow this instructions

  • For ACTARIS press100 enter or #
  • HEXING 804 enter or #
  • CONLOG #100 enter or #
  • SHENZEN 65 enter

NB  You can also trying keying in 000# and 100# in some  meters

The make of your meter is written in bold letters

->  The meter number will display (11 digits)  while scrolling from right to left

To buy kenya power token

  1. Go to your local electricity vendor
  2. Supply the operator with the meter number
  3. Supply the operator with the amount you wish to purchase
  4. You will receive a 20 digit token  printed on a receipt

Via Mpesa


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