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Download TSC/EMIS/FORM 'A'/01/P 2. This form is to be completed by the head ...

TSC/EMIS/FORM 'A'/01/P. 2. This form is to be completed by the head of the institution. Note: Information provided in this form should be correct. Provision of incorrect incorrect information may lead to disciplinary action. 4. The information should be captured for the month of May. 5. The form is to be completed in triplicate.

[PDF]Download Secondary Schools Data Returns Form.pdf - Teachers Service ...

The form is to be completed in triplicate. The institution should retain the triplicate while the original and duplicate be forwarded to. 3. All parts of the form must be filled. TEACHERS SERVICE COMMISSION. EDUCATION MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM(EMIS). SECONDARY SCHOOLS DATA RETURNS :FORM A.
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[PDF]TSC/EMIS/FORM 'A'/05/DTE - Teachers Service Commission

TSC/EMIS/FORM 'A'/05/DTE. SUMMARY DATA. County Name. No. of Districts. 1. Approved Zones. Address. 2. Number of TAC Tutors on Duty. Tel No. Fully fledged. 3. Category of Dicece. Associate. Mobile No. 4. Number of Dicece Lecturers on Duty. Email. 5. Number of Education Assessment &. Resource centres Officers ...

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