How to create new TSC TPAD2 Account , login , activate, functions of teachers ( for self Evaluation PDF

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Below is a guide on how to create new TSC TPAD2 Account , login , activate

TPAD is a performance evaluation mechanism that assesses the performance of a teacher as per the set standards prescribed by the Commission. Section 52 of the Code of Regulations for Teachers (2015) stipulates that the Commission shall in administering the performance appraisal system: -

i. Require Heads of institution to provide oversight role in the performance appraisal for the teachers in their respective institutions;

ii. Use performance appraisal reports for purpose of promotion, deployment and other rewards as may be prescribed from time to time. iii. Identify training needs and take corrective measures in cases of unsatisfactory performance.

iv. Develop and review criteria, guidelines and tools for performance appraisal from time to time which shall be accessible in the commission website or as the Commission may advice. How to create TSC TPAD Portal To create a new TPAD account its simple and easier.

Follow these steps:

1. Click on to access the new account creation portal.

2. Fill in the fields shown TSC Number ID Number Phone Number (07xxxxxxxx) Email Address , Password , Confirm Password

3. Click on ‘Create’ Once done.

4. A success message is shown and you will receive SMS token on your phone within a short time.

5. Enter the Code received via SMS and click on ‘Verify Token’. This completes the registration process.

Adding your Bio Data

Next, you need to add your level of Education and subject combination details.

1. Add your information: Bio/ Institution Information, Contact Information.

2. Select ‘Subjects Combination’ and add your teaching subjects. Select your subjects combinations from the list and click on ‘Submit’ when done.

3. Then, click on ‘Level of Education’ to add details. Select your KCSE grade, Highest level of Education and Institution of Study. Next, click on Submit.


Each teacher will be expected to do a self appraisal in the various areas, create an appraisal and upload the data online. ROLES OF THE PRINCIPAL IN THE NEW TPAD

• Inducting new teachers on TPAD

• Capture the new teachers in TIMS

• Activating new teachers on TPAD

• Remove outgoing teachers The Principal also performs the following roles in TPAD

• Provide oversight role in the performance appraisal for the teachers

• Continuously monitor and evaluate the appraisal process and submit termly reports

• Appraise the Deputy Principal

• Schedule meetings for appraising the Deputy Principal

• Observing the Deputy Principal

• Countersigning officer for all the teachers in the school Arbitration ROLES OF THE DEPUTY PRINCIPAL IN THE NEW TPAD

• Update the Lesson Attendance

• Register on weekly basis

• Appraise the HODs and teachers

• Schedule meetings for appraising the HODs and teachers

• Observing the HODs and teachers

• Arbitration for the teachers

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