How to complete the teacher performance and appraisal tpad

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login_username (tsc no) password(tsc no=
2.once you login you wil se MANAGE YOUR ACCOUNT, current,new password, confirm new password
3.log out
4.log in again
5.finalize user registration
7.Go to appraisal-create new/create appraisals for :year, term, appraser tsc Number,counter....
8.create once you create then go to ACTION ........ (1.profession-load fields fill in and save
(2.Time manage - load fields fill in and save
3.(innovation & creativity - load fields fill in and save
4.learners progress_class term 123,........fiil in and save
5.action lesson attendance fill in total lessons taught,actual lessons taught, save 83/account/login

tpad tsc go ke83 account login online services teacher appraisal

teacher performance appraisal and development tool

tpad form

tsc tpad pdf

tsc/institutional tapd report

tsc appraisal form 2017

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