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Amazon is currently the world largest online shopping company in the world in terms of gross sales followed by Alibaba, a Chinese based online shopping mall. While you still could shop amazon while in Kenya without our assistance, logistics part makes matters difficultto a lot of people. And it is Expensive…

…But we have been shipping from Amazon to Kenya for so little that you just need to start shopping.

Back in 2014, we had written a guide on how to shop and ship from Amazon to Kenya. People have been asking many questions from that post and prompted me to write a fresh 2017 shopping and shipping guide.

How to Shop Amazon while in Kenya:

We have made shopping online from Amazon so easy that you do not have to be technical to do it. If you can send someone an email, that is all you need to start shopping Amazon USA. Here is a step-by-step guide. In this guide, I will show how to shop by sending us email with your links or how to create Amazon wish list and share it with us.

Step 1: Go to and identify the item(s) you need.


For demonstration purposes, we will use a cellphone an example. Please note that you can select multiple items and compile a list of many items.


Step 2: Copy your Amazon Links.

Here, copy and paste the link for the item you need into your email. If you need to shop more than one item, copy these links to your email directly or use a Microsoft word document. You can send us as many items as you wish.

Step 3: Email Your links to for a Quote

Once you have gathered your links, simply send your links to We will respond with a quote. In this email, please include the following.

  1. Your full legal name (No nicknames or freelance names)
  2. Your phone number we can reach you at.
  3. Tell us the quantities you need per link you send to us. If you need 2 phones for example, indicate you need two pieces.

Step 4: Review Your Quote and Accept:

Once your email is received, we will email you a quote/proforma invoice using our system. You will also receive an email asking you to create a password for customer portal.

Inside customer portal, you will be able to see your invoices, modes of payments, review purchase history, your statement and many more features.

Step 5. Make Payments for Purchase Cost:

Once you accept the proforma invoice, you will receive another email with the actual invoice for you to make payments required to pay for the item.

You will only need to pay for purchase cost at this point. Shipping cost can be paid during pickup time when we deliver.

You can make payments using MPESA or Bank draft. We do not accept cash payments in the office. If you must use cash payments, please deposit directly to the bank and send us the receipt.

Step 6: Receive Purchase Confirmation with Amazon Receipt Attached:

Once you have made the purchase payments, we will start working on your order. We will purchase your item(s) and send you a confirmation of the purchase.

In many cases, we will attach Amazon purchase confirmation receipt in confirmation email. Keep the receipt as needed for records.

How to Create Amazon Wish List. Step-By Step Guide

Some people prefers to add items in Amazon’s shopping cart and share the wish-list with us to make the purchase for them and deliver to Kenya. This section will show you how to create Amazon’s wish list and share with us.

Step 1: Create Amazon’s Account or Log-in if You Already Have one:

Once you are logged in to your Amazon account, click on the wish link as shown in the diagram below. On the top right corner, there is a link to create a new Amazon wish list. Click on that link and follow the instructions. Here is a screenshot of this step

Step 2: Create Amazon List and Name it:

To make it easier for you identifying items you sent to us, name your list “kentex Cargo” or whatever else you want to name it. It really doesn’t matter the name you call it. You can call it something like….Wedding shopping, My USA shopping, etc


Step 3: Select shopping list or wish list

As shown in the image below, select shopping list. You could also select wish-list option but wish list tend to print gift receipts (which is not necessary) inserted in shipping box. It’s just unnecessary paper trash and we do not ship such.


Step 4: Add your desired items to your wish list:

Please notice you will need to add to the wish list, and NOT in your Amazon shipping cart. I have included a screenshot of how to add to the wish list.


Step 5: Share Your Wish List With us:

To share your Amazon wish list you just created, click on the envelope icon on the top right corner of your page as shown on this image. While you could use Facebook and twitter to share your wish list, we strongly advice you use email and avoid social media.


Step 6: Email us Your Wish List

As shown in the image below, email us your wish list to We will receive your item’s list as you added it in your amazon cart.


Step 7: We will email you a proforma invoice:

We will email you a quote and once accepted, you will receive a formal invoice. Just like explained above, we will proceed with the order processing.

Commonly Asked Questions About Shopping on Amazon While in Kenya.

  1. Do you charge extra for assisting in purchasing from Amazon?
    While other companies do charge as much as $15 per purchase, what they may call processing fees, we do not charge anything to make your order on your behalf. We do shopping for you for free.
  2. Question: How Long Does It Take to Receive My Item(s) From Amazon?
    On average, amazon delivers your items to our address within 4 working days. Once we receive your items, we will ship them out every week on Thursday. Your items must be received before Thursday to be included in that week shipment.
  3. Question: I have my Own Credit Card. Can I Shop Amazon and Use Your Address?
    Absolutely you can. Make sure you use the following format when entering shipping address.
    10408 MATADOR DR
    MCKINNEY, TX 75070
  4. Question: Do You Use Amazon Prime to Make My Orders?
    It is in violation of Amazon Prime terms to use prime account to purchase items for another person. While we have in the past, violating such terms can cause loss of items or get our account closed. We have been in this business for over 3 years now. Playing by the rules is what has enabled us to sustain this long. We are committed playing by the rules and continue serving you many years to come.
  5. How do I contact Amazon in Kenya? Do They Have Offices in Kenya?
    Unfortunately, at the moment, Amazon does not have local offices in Kenya where you could call or visit regarding your order. It is however very easy to contact Amazon online using your email address


 OPTION 2 of shopping from amazon in Kenya: Using Vitumob


  1. STEP 1: Visit download and install its extension in you chrome web browser.The process takes a few seconds. After the vitumob  extension has successful installed you will see its small button on the right side of your browse.
  2. STEP2: Click on Amazon
  3. STEP3:    Choose the products you would like to purchase and add them to your shopping cart
  4. STEP 4: When you are ready to Checkout, click on the VituMob button on your browser.
  5. STEP 5: View your shopping cart and complete your purchase.
  6. STEP 6: Pay via Mpesa
  7. STEP 7: It takes a minmum of 3 weeks for the product to be delivered.

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