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Buying goods from Amazon to Kenya has never been simpler thanks to freight forwarding companies such as Kenya Air Cargo. Freight forwarding and logistics services such as the ones provided by Kenya Air Cargo  can allow you to buy anything from Amazon and have it delivered to your doorstep at unbelievably amazing prices. Want to learn more? Read this:

Buying from Amazon to Kenya used to be tricky. However, freight forwarding services have helped to make shipping much easier, safer and a lot cheaper than ever before. Countless Kenyans out there would love to buy goods from Amazon to Kenya because most products are often reasonably priced, and they tend to be of a higher value.

As a matter of fact, many retailers purchase a lot of their goods to sell in Kenya, such as clothes and electronics, from Amazon before selling them to you in a brick and mortar store for a profit. If you have always wanted to start a retailing business in Kenya, you should consider buying your products from Amazon or any other reliable online store such as e-bay or AliExpress.


Amazon is by far the world’s leading online store. Thousands of people buy products from Amazon daily because the online retailer is highly regarded and respected for their service. Basically, Amazon gives you the security to shop online without worrying about the status of your goods. The best thing about buying goods from Amazon to Kenya is that you can choose from a wide array of products, many of which are not available in Kenya. Additionally, products on Amazon tend to be cheaper than the same caliber of goods sold here.

Buying goods from Amazon to Kenya can be a little confusing and a little difficult for many because to buy goods from Amazon to Kenya successfully, you need:


Unlike before, credit cards are not just reserved for the wealthy. The introduction of prepaid credit cards in Kenya has made it possible for thousands of people to conduct online purchases. Banks such as I&M and KCB provide customers with prepaid credit cards that can be used to buy goods from Amazon. Anyone can apply for a credit card as long as they are over the age of 18, own a national ID card, and can be responsible for their monthly payments. The way that most credit cards work is that you use the card to buy goods from Amazon until you reach your limit.


To buy goods from Amazon to Kenya, you also need a mailing address where the items that you purchase will be sent. If you would prefer to receive your goods via Kenya Posta, you need to apply for a postal address at your closest postal station. A postal address costs about 2500 to open at first, however, you are required to pay 1000 KES charge per year to maintain your address.

A postal address is ideal if you are buying a small item from Amazon. Please note that items are not placed directly in your mailbox. Instead, when your item arrives by post, you will find a card in your mailbox notifying you to pick it up. The card will then enable you to sign off anything that you buy from Amazon. If you do not want to apply for a postal address, then all you have to do is rely on a freight forwarding company to help you.

The best way to shop on Amazon is to shop with the assistance of a freight forwarding company like Kenya Air Cargo. Although it is entirely possible to buy goods from Amazon without Kenya Air Cargo’s help, the logistics of getting your items to Kenya is a lot harder and more expensive than most people think. A freight forwarding company will ensure that you receive your goods from Amazon to Kenya without worrying about tracking your order or paying exorbitant shipping fees to have the goods delivered to you.


Step 1: Sign in to Amazon to find the items that you need to buy from Amazon to Kenya

Say you need purchase a smartphone from Amazon. All you need to do is log in to Amazon and search for unlocked cell phones. Go through the Amazon list to find the best smartphone for your needs. Don’t forget to carry out your research extensively to pick the best phone for your needs and budget.

Step 2: Copy your Amazon links

Copy and paste the link for the phone that you have chosen to buy into your email. If you are buying more than one item from Amazon, copy the links of the goods as well directly to your email. You can also copy paste the links to a Microsoft Word document that you can then attach to an email.

Step 3: Send the links of the goods to

end the link to the item that you want to buy to info@Kenya Air so that you can get a quote from the Kenya Air Cargo team. When sending your email, ensure that you include the following information:

  • Your legal names as they appear on your Passport or ID.
  • Your phone number where you can be reached easily.
  • Please indicate how many items you need per every link that you send. For instance, if you need 2 smartphones, indicate that you need two pieces.

Step 4: Review your quote email

Once you receive your quotation email from Kenya Air Cargo, ensure that you review the quote. You will also receive a prompt in the email with a link that will allow you to create a password for the customer portal. The client’s portal will enable you to keep track of your invoices, your payments, your purchase history and your statements. If you do not understand the contents of the quotation email, do not hesitate to contact the customer service team for assistance.

Step 5: Make a payment

Once you review your quotation email and accept it. Kenya Air Cargo will send you a final invoice for the items that you want to purchase. The final invoice will allow you to pay for the final amount for goods via M-Pesa of via bank draft. You will pay for the shipping cost which will get the item directly to you once Kenya Air Cargo delivers your goods to you.

Step 6: Check your email for the purchase confirmation and the Amazon receipt

Once you make all the necessary payments for the goods that you are buying from Amazon, Kenya Air Cargo will start processing your order. Kenya Air Cargo will purchase your items and send you a confirmation email for the acquisition. Try and keep the attached Amazon purchase confirmation receipt safely for your record’s sake.

Step 7: Wait for your item to be delivered.

Once your item is in the country, Kenya Air Cargo will send you an email to notify you when you can pick up your order or how the items can be delivered to your doorstep.

If you need help purchasing goods from Amazon to Kenya, contact Kenya Air Cargo with an email concerning your request. The team will get back to you promptly. kenya

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