How to Apply for Land Title Deed(Transfer of Ownership) and perform land search2018

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Required Documents

  1. Original Title in the name of the Vendor
  2. Duly executed transfer forms in triplicate (must be sealed if a company is selling)3 Passport Photos of the Vendor if its an individual and if a company, then 3 photos each of 2 directors of the company
  3. Copy of Pin Number of the Vendor
  4. Copy of National ID of the Vendor and if a company copies of National IDs for 2 directors wholl sign the transfer forms.
  5. Copy of the registration Certificate if its a company.
  6. PIN Certificate of Company
  7. Rates Clearance Certificate (In Case the tenancy of the land is leasehold)
  8. Copy of the Buyers Identity card 
  9. Passport photos of buyer
  10. Copy of buyers Kenya Revenue authority PIN.

Procedure step by step

  1. Perform an official search ; you will need a copy of the title deed of the land. Fill in the search application form and attach the title .In most District Land Offices, copies of your ID and Pin Certificate are required. 
  2. Obtain Rates Clearance Certificate from the Local Municipal Council .
  3. Obtain consent to transfer from the Commissioner of Lands. This application is made in writing.
  4. Your Lawyer can proceed and prepare a sales agreement with the sellers lawyer. The deposit can then be paid to the Vendor.
  5. Next the vendor must prepare all the completion documents to ensure a proper transfer. 
  6. The remaining balance is paid only at the exchange of the Completion documents. Your lawyer should confirm that the documents are authentic and must certify the documents before presentation to the relevant Lands Registration Office.
  7. File the draft transfer document(s) (i.e. completion documents) at the Lands Office for assessment of stamp duty payable on the transfer.
  8. An inspector is to visit the site to verify the development and state of the property.
  9. Obtain valuation of the property by government valuers.
  10. Next is the payment of the Stamp Duty tax. The fees are 2% or 4% of the value of the land depending on whether the land is within or outside the Local Municipality.
  11. The registration is done with issuance of a new Title Deed. The buyers lawyer or the buyer then collects the Title Deed at the Lands Office.

Fees payment via mpesa paybill

For every document presented for registration : 500
For every notice (excluding notice given on registration of a caveat) : 500
For acceptance of an affidavit : 500
For correcting errors or supplying omissions in the register : 500 
For every personal search : 1000 
For every personal search : 500
On appeal to the Principal Registrar from an order refusing to register a document : 500
For attendance by any officer of the registry at a place outside the registration office (per day or part thereof of the absence from the registry and the expenses incurred) : 2500
On resubmission for registration of any document previously rejected because of an error thereon or for failure to comply with any prerequisite of registration (per document rejected) : 500 
For every copy of a registered document or abstract of titleWhere the number of pages or folios does not exceed five of such pages or folios : 200 per copy 

Office Locations & Contacts in kenya

Physical Location
1st Ngong Avenue
P.O. BOX 30450-00100 
FAX 254-020-2721248 
Website :

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