How to apply for company pin number in kenya for both private or limited company

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Simple Process to follow when you want to apply for company pin number in kenya

For newly registered companies, upon completion the company registration process, your application will automatically be processed for the KRA PIN and NSSF and NHIF registrations.

  • Log onto, open tax payer registration link and on the right-hand side under Online Services, click on Taxpayer Registration.
  • Choose either New Taxpayer (if you don’t have a PIN) or existing taxpayer(if you already have a PIN)
  • Fill in all mandatory fields with asterix (*) then confirm correctness and submit.
  • KRA will respond through your e-mail address providing you with a PIN number, Password and Security Stamp.
  • Go to Taxpayer Registration fill in the PIN, password and security stamp then log in.
  • Change your password (please remember this for security reasons) to a password of your own choice (six characters with 2 numbers) as instructed.
  • Choose Main Menu, Enquiry then Print your Taxpayer Registration Certificate. You may refer to the “Step by step guide” which is on the KRA portal

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