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For a new parent, here is what you need:

  1. A copy of your ID
  2. A copy of the baby’s father ID
  3. A copy of the birth notification
  4. The original birth notification
  5. Your original ID
  6. A fee of ksh 90/ – ksh 200/-
  7. A form which is available at Sheria House or you can download one here

Registration for Late Birth Certificate

Late birth registration refers to all births which are not registered within six months from the date of birth of such a child.

  1. Municipal notification of birth.
  2. Certificate of doctor or midwife who attended the birth.
  3. Child immunization clinic card.
  4.  School leaving certificate.
  5.  Baptismal certificate.
  6. Identity card or passport
  7.  Letter from employer indicating date of birth
  8. Fill out  an Application for Registration of a Late Birth

Registration of Birth Abroad:

This is registration of birth of Kenyan citizens occurring outside Kenyan territorial boundaries. This kind of birth refers to persons who are born of Kenyan parents outside the country and is required for the child to qualify as Kenyan citizen by descent. One needs to obtain an official birth certificate from the country that the child was born in.

  • Visit the Kenyan embassy with the birth certificate.
  • Wait for the official document. This may take anywhere from a few days to a few months. Should the Registrar of births of Kenyans occurring outside the country be not satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that child is not Kenyan then he/she cannot be registered in the register of birth of Kenyans occurring abroad as a Kenyan.
  1. Complete the birth certificate request form.
  2. Provide copies of supporting documents.
  3. Enclose the correct payment with the form.
  4. Wait for the Kenyan birth certificate to arrive by mail.

For adults without a birth certificate:

You can apply by going to your local sub-chief or your district birth and death registry office.

  1. A copy of your National Identification Card (Birth notification cards from hospitals or baptism cards from churches are accepted)
  2. Fill in the B1 form which is available at Sheria House.

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