How to access TSC payslips online register, Login and download payslips - T-pay portal pdf 2021 2022

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You can now easily log into the new TSC T-Pay portal to get your payslips. Just follow the following simple steps:
Go to your browser and type in the new T-pay link; Or just click click on this link. You will see the pay slip login window as shown below;
In the first box, enter your TSC Number/ID Number followed by your password in the second box. Click ‘Login’ once done.
On successful login, you will see the landing window shown below;
From the list on the left of your screen, you will be able to get a Quick Access to;
Latest Payslip
Latest P9
My Transactions
To view your payslip, click on ‘Latest Payslip’ and you will be able to see your latest payslip on the screen.Take a screenshot or simply click on the ‘print’ tab to get a hard copy of your payslip.
To view other payslips, select on the months tabs at the top of your page i.e
To view more payslips, simply click on ‘view Payslips’ from the menu on the left of your screen. Then, select the year and month. See  image below;
Below is the full menu of your new T-pay portal:



View Payslips
View P9(s)
Send Payslip(s)
 My Documents

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Here is a list of other short forms appearing on your payslip:

PAYE Auto; The monthly Pay As You Earn (PAYE) deductions.
MPR; This is the amount of Monthly Personal Relief (MPR).
NHIF Contribution; Monthly statutory deductions towards the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF). This affects all government employees.
PF Num; Your Personal File Number which is your TSC Number.
RoD; The date when you are expected to attain the mandatory retirement age.
Designation; Your job grade i.e Secondary Teacher II..
ID Num; Your National Identity Card Number.
Tax PIN; Your KRA PIN.


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