How Teachers Service Commission (TSC) Promote Professional Teachers In Kenya - QUALIFICATIONS , Grades and

TSC  promotion of teachers in Kenya

TSC is a Teachers` Service Commission in Kenya that is aimed at developing the profession of teaching and teaching career progression in Kenya. TSC in Kenya via the TSC Act section 35 recognizes and promotes teachers in Kenya to advance their teaching professional abilities via further studies. Therefore, the recent saga about TSC denying promotion of teachers in Kenya who have furthered their knowledge and skills to gain better positions beats logic.

Promotions are guided by the provisions of the three existing schemes of service namely;

  1. The Scheme of Service for Non-Graduate Teachers
  2. The Scheme of Service for Graduate Teachers,
  3. The Scheme of Service for Technical Teachers and Lecturers

Type Of Promotions

  1. Common cadre

These are promotions effected after completion of 3 years, subject to satisfactory performance and does not require one to be interviewed. Graduate Teachers who enter the service at Job Groups K will be promoted to Job Group L. Likewise Trained Diploma and Approved Teachers (ATS III - I) who enter the service at Job Group J will be promoted to, K and L after serving three successful years in each grade. Technical Teachers and Lecturers The head of institution is required to submit a performance report.


A primary school teacher will be required to have C (plain) in KCSE exam and Primary Teacher Education (PTE) Certificate while the entry grades for the visually and hearing impaired for PTE will be a C- (minus).

Secondary school teachers will be required to have KCSE grade C+ (plus) and a Diploma in Education or KCSE C+ (plus) and a Bachelor’s degree in Education or a Postgraduate Diploma in Education.

For technical colleges, lecturers will be required to have KCSE C+ (plus) and a diploma in a relevant technical subject plus a Diploma in Technical Education, KCSE C- (minus), certificate, diploma and Bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject area plus a Diploma in Technical Education.

For special needs education, the teacher will be required to have KCSE C+ (plus) and Diploma in Special Needs Education or KCSE C+ (plus) and a Bachelor’s degree in Special Needs Education.

“Direct appointment to any level will be determined by the entry qualifications and competencies prescribed for each level. Direct appointment is provided for at various levels within the respective progression guidelines,” the guidelines say.


Under special needs education institutions, in primary schools, there will be five grades, eight grades in secondary and eight grades in TVET.

The following grades will form the common establishment in the teaching service: Primary Teacher II, T-Scale 5 and Primary Teacher I, T-Scale 6.

Secondary Teacher III/Lecturer III T-Scale 6 and Secondary Teacher II/Lecturer II-T Scale 7 for Diploma holders and Secondary Teacher II/Lecturer II-T Scale 7 and Secondary Teacher I/Lecturer I T scale 8 for holders of Bachelor of Education or its equivalent.

All teachers will be required to meet the requirements of Chapter Six of the constitution and the commission’s requirements.

Primary Teacher I-T Scale 6 will be a promotion grade for primary school teachers. 

To qualify for promotion to the grade of Primary Teacher I, a teacher will be required to have served as Primary Teacher II-T Scale 5 for a minimum period of three years and must have satisfactory rating in the performance appraisal process.

3,000 teachers Every Year 

Teachers Service Commission in Kenya provides for promotion of teachers every year on the merit of 6,000 teachers under common cadre, 3,000 teachers on attainment of higher qualifications, 5,000 teachers on Teachers Proficiency Courses in Kenya(TPC) and 8,000 teachers via competitive selection.

According to a TSC memo of July 2013, the teachers who attain higher qualifications are ought to be promoted to get incremental credits. The promotion of teachers in Kenya is based on the academic performance in the higher qualifications- with one incremental credit for teachers who secure a diploma course in Kenya, two incremental credits for teachers who get first degrees in Kenya and three incremental credits for teachers who acquire masters in Kenya.

With these set standards set by TSC in Kenya, the Teachers Service Commission in Kenya should set enough funds aside for promoting teachers in Kenya every year. This will create a reliable way of ensuring development of teachers profession in Kenya. To get in touch with Teachers Service Commission, you can use their TSC website at 


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  • 02/Nov/18 06:53am

Just to ask what is the fate of a teacher who has a p1 cert and B. Ed primary option,,,will he or she has a chance to be rated at job group k or has to move from B5,,,towards up there?

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  • 21/Nov/18 08:14pm

Applied for promotion based on attainment of higher qualification but to date have not received any acknowledgement. MY T.S.C. no,521015

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