How Safe Is Your PayPal Account – Sellers Security Is PayPal Safe? Tips for Buying, Selling, and Sending

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As a PayPal buyer, you need to have security protection that will ensure your funds are safe in your online Paypal account.

This PayPal buyer protection ensures that nobody can get access to your PayPal account or demand for false refunds after selling an online product or service.

Below are the some of the measures that PayPal has put in place to ensure that your PayPal account and finances are safe secure from fraudulent exploitation.

  1. Paypal keeps your financial information safe when making transactions online using their website. Paypal achieves financial information security by not sharing your full business information such as credit card numbers with the buyers.
  2. Paypal also keeps your account safe always by providing you with a 24/7 monitor of all your PayPal transactions. Paypal achieves this by sending you an email every time a withdrawal is made using your account.
  3. The Paypal platform is developed and run on a very secure technology which is encrypted. The end to end encryption helps secure your account by making it inaccessible without the password and logins.
  4. Paypal has also limited both the possibility and frequency of fraud. In case of any suspicious activity on your PayPal account, you are advised to contact PayPal who will prevent fraudulent charges on your account.
  5. On matters concerning the quality of online products and services, PayPal provides you with a dispute resolution measure. In case you have a problem associated with a particular transaction you made, PayPal can put a hold on the money transfer until the conflict is resolved. Paypal achieves this through investigating every step of the operation.
  6. Lastly, PayPal provides global purchase protection that enables you as a seller to make online product and service sales using over 25 currencies in close to 200 markets. Paypal has definitely made sending, spending and selling online products secure and straightforward.

As an online seller with a lot of funds in your PayPal account, the seller security protection of your online account gives you a peace of mind.

PayPal, therefore, prevents you from losing money to false claims of chargebacks or refunds by the buyers.

Buyer complaints covered under seller protection

Two buyer claims are allowed under the PayPal seller security protection policy.

A buyer can only be allowed to file a claim if his or her concerns fall under the two categories:

#1 Unauthorised transaction

Unauthorised transaction claims occur when a buyer who is a PayPal account holder claims that they did not authorize the Paypal payments paid by their accounts.

#2 Item not received

Items not received claims occurs when a buyer pays for an online product or service but asserts that they did not receive the correct quality or quantity of the products.

As a PayPal seller, the two seller claims above can reduce your PayPal account balance because of refunds and chargebacks.

In case of false claims and complaints from fraudulent buyers, PayPal can prevent you from losing your money.

As a PayPal seller, therefore, you need to have adequate knowledge concerning the PayPal seller protection policy.

The PayPal seller protection policy is a free service which allows you to conduct your business in peace without always looking over your shoulder.

To take full advantage of the seller protection policy, there are fundamental requirements that should be met by the seller.

For example, a Paypal buyer can only file a claim if his or her concerns fall under the two complaints covered under Paypal seller protection.

As a seller, therefore, your finances are safe, and you can not lose money from false buyer refund claims and chargebacks.

What is important is that every PayPal seller should know the requirements needed for you to take full advantage of the seller protection policy.


Purchase protection enables you as a Paypal buyer to demand refunds in your Paypal account in case of poor quality or quantity of online products or services.
What are the requirements and conditions that are necessary for a buyer to qualify for a purchase protection?

These requirements, therefore, determines when you, a PayPal buyer, qualify for a purchase protection depending on the nature of your transaction.

Having an in-depth knowledge of the Paypal purchase protection requirements enables you to know the types of transactions covered under the protection and the operations not covered.

Before looking at the types of transactions covered under the purchase protection, let us shortlist by first eliminating the transactions and conditions that do not qualify for the protection.

What Is Not Covered Under PayPal Purchase Protection

These are the types of transactions and conditions that do not qualify for the purchase protection.

As you Paypal buyer, you should take note of these conditions because when dealing with these transactions, you do not qualify for purchase protection and therefore can not file for a Paypal refund.


  1. Disputes filed more than 180 days after the day of transaction.
  2. Unauthorized transaction claims reported more than 60 days after the transaction.
  3. Anything that is bought in person and not on the internet.
  4. Products that violate PayPal’s policy.

Some of these limiting conditions that can prevent you from qualifying for purchase protection can be avoided.

For example, as you Paypal account holder, you should always:

>File disputes within 180 days of business transaction
>Report all cases of unauthorized transaction within 60 days
>Transact all Paypal purchases through the internet and not in person for ease in investigation
>Purchase products that do not violate Paypal’s policy


  1. Real estate purchases
  2. Motorized vehicle purchases
  3. Custom made products not received
  4. Industrial machinery purchases
  5. Sending money to family or friends through PayPal

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What Is Covered Under Paypal Purchase Protection

The following types of transactions and conditions qualify for the Paypal purchase protection.

1 Charges for products not purchased

In case somebody uses your Paypal account to purchase products or services online without your acknowledgment or approval, report the unauthorized transaction within 60 days.

PayPal will refund you the full amount sent and request you to change your password to prevent future fraudulent activities on your account.

Paypal investigates the unauthorized transaction, and you get covered by PayPal’s $0 Liability for Eligible Unauthorized Transaction problem.

2 Goods ordered but never arrived

In case you ordered for online products but did not receive the goods, you can get a refund of your full payment amount plus the original shipping fees incurred.

To file your claim, you need to open a dispute using your PayPal account within 180 days after the transaction date.

3 Delivered good significantly different from their description

In case you ordered for online goods or services, but the quality or quantity of products received is different from their description, you are entitled to a refund of your limiting payment.

There are different occurrences when the products received could be different from what was expected.

Some of these conditions include:

You received a completely different item.
Example: You purchased a book, but received a DVD.

The item is missing parts or features, and this was not disclosed.
Example: The listing said batteries included, but they weren’t.

You purchased a specific quantity of an item but received the wrong amount.
Example: You purchased five pairs of fuzzy dice and only received four.

The item was damaged en route to its destination.
Example: You bought a beautiful antique lamp, and it arrived in pieces.

You received a counterfeit version of the item.
Example: You purchased a Rolex, but received a Faux-Lex.

As a Paypal buyer, therefore, your funds and financial security are guaranteed by the Paypal purchase protection services

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