How much do Uber owners make in Nairobi 2018 ?

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Uber earnings have significantly reduced over time due to an increased number of vehicles and reduced prices. Earlier in 2016 owners would make around Kes 100,000 per month after reducing all expenses, including the drivers’ pay which on most cases was commission based. Its worth noting that what the owner makes largely depends on the model of operation he chooses. Some owners employ two drivers for each car and each driver drives for 24 hours before handing over to the next. This means that the vehicle is online almost 24 hours of each day therefore more trips are made. Others employ one driver for each car and the driver has to work long hours to make reasonable income.


Back to your question: Lately, drivers prefer not to work through either of the above models and they want to be given a vehicle with a daily target that ranges between Kes 2,500 and 3,000 per day. They take care of all daily running expenses including the Uber fee therefore the target amount is the owners income. However, the owner may have to cater for major expenses such as service and parts.


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The Uber model is to have as much supply (vehicles online) to ensure that riders always have a nearby car waiting in case of a request therefore they need to onboard as many cars as possible to meet this. So they have onboarded many cars therefore the earnings per car are now lower. Uber doesn't appear to care much about that since their commission increases from this situation due to good customer perception… Having studied how they behave all over the world, now is a good time to divest from the business




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