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Kenyan doctors and Nurses generally earn more than what their Uganda and Tanzania counterparts earn. The two neighbouring countries, however, enjoy low cost of living, which is why frequent strikes and unrest are not witnessed. Following information that Kenyan doctors and nurses are uncomfortable with their salaries, we conducted a research to determine what Uganda and Tanzania doctors earn in comparison with Kenyan Nurses and Doctors.

how much does a nurse earn in kenya

In Kenya the lowest paid nurse takes home Ksh 23,369 while the highest paid nurse earns Ksh 181,160.But the highest paid nurse is an individual with a degree in Nursing and a total of 30 years.

 In Kenya, more than 80 % of the nurses working in government hospitals earn average monthly salary of Ksh 38,000 while those in private hospital earn average salary of Ksh42, 000.

Generally, Nurses in Kenya earn less than doctors, which is why they are ranked among the lowest compensated employees in Kenya.

how much does a doctor earn in kenya

The lowest paid doctor in Kenya earns Ksh 127,910 while the highest paid doctor takes home Ksh 538,980.But we have established that 80 % of the doctors in Kenya earn average salary of Ksh 165,000.



Average and Median Monthly Salary Comparison in Kenya for Nursing [Education: Bachelor's Degree] 

 Maximum 40,000 KES
 Average 32,500 KES
 Median 32,500 KES
 Minimum 25,000 KES


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