How long does it take to get tsc number after application? -TSC registration status and verification

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How much do you pay for TSC registration?

The new registration fee (inclusive of bank charges) is 1055 Kenya Shillings payable through M-Pesa business number 625625 or direct bank deposits (National Bank of Kenya A/C No. 0100100090500). Ensure that you have paid or deposited this amount before you begin the process of TSC registration.

How long does TSC number take after verification?

If you have adhered to all the requirements of registration, TSC will issue you with a registration certificate, which bears the TSC number after verifying your application. The TSC number is issued within 30 days of filing for registration.

How do I find my TSC registration number?

If you want to find your TSC registration number, you should access the TSC online services portal. Go to the page that reads "Status of Teacher Registration Application(s)". You will be prompted to key in your ID number or passport number. Press on the "Go" tab and you will instantly receive the details pertaining to the TSC registration status. There will be no records of the TSC registration status if your application was unsuccessful. 

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