How do I trace my item that was posted from Kenya to outside destination?

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  1. How much does it cost to post an EMS item internationally? Ans: The rates for both local and International rates for EMS are posted on our website: click on the link on weight required and the country to get the rates.
  1. How much does it cost to post ordinary/ registered items locally and internationally? Ans: The rates for both local and International rates for ordinary and registered items are posted on our website: click on the link ‘media centre’; follow by clicking on public notice. Select the required rates.


  1. How do I trace my item that was posted from Kenya to outside destination? Ans: Go to the link ‘Track your items’ on our website:      Enter the tracking number on the space provided.


  1. My item shows it was received in Kenya but is being held at customs. What is  the reason ? Ans: It is a Government requirement that all incoming items must be checked, assessed and cleared by the Customs officials stationed in our outlets, if they contain any dutiable items then the customer will be asked to pay before the item is released.


  1. How much does it cost to send an item locally by EMS? Ans: Costs are normally determined by weight and destination. The rates for the various weights and destinations are posted in our website:
  1. Has my parcel/letter been delivered at the office of delivery? Ans: You can track and trace your item by visiting our website. Click on the track a parcel link and enter the 13 digit tracking number to get information on your item.
  1. I would like to confirm the status of my mail. Please let me know the exact day when the item will be delivered? Is it possible to re-direct the item to another Post Office? Ans: You can track your item on our website by going to the link on track parcel. The day of delivery will be determined by destination and time of posting, click on the link: Customer service charter, to get the estimated time of delivery. For change of office of delivery, one is required to write a request to the Postmaster/ head postmaster where the item is, for re-direction.
  1. How long does it take for mail sent from Nairobi to reach Europe? Ans: Depending with the exact destination, normal mail would take at most seven days. With expedited Mail (EMS) it would take two to three days.
  1. I am writing to enquire on how I can open a new postal address for my company? Ans: Fill the box application form issued at any post office or you may download the application form from the website ;, attach a copy of incorporation/ registration certificate to the form and present to the counter for allocation. Upon allocation of the box, you will pay an annual fee Kes. 6,960 (VAT Inclusive) and Kes. 500 one off payment deposit of   keys,
  1. What is the procedure for getting a personal box in Posta? Ans: Fill the box application form issued at any post office or you may also download the application form from, and present it to the Post office branch of choice. For an individual box, a copy of ID should be attached. Upon allocation you will be required to pay Kes. 2320 (VAT inclusive) and kes. 500 one off payment for deposit keys.
  1. Can I pay for my box in any of your outlets other than where my box is located? Ans: Yes you can make payment for your box in any Post office other than the one where your box is located.
  1. Can I pay for a new box in any of the Post Offices other than the one I desire to rent the box? Ans: Yes you can pay for a new box in any of our offices. This information will thereafter be communicated to the office you have been allocated a box.
  1. What time does the post office open in the morning and close in the evening? Ans: Generally business hours for Post Offices are from 8.00 a.m to 5 p.m but Head Post Offices i.e. GPO and City Square offices, business hours are from 7.30 a.m to 6.00 p.m and from to 1.00 p.m on Saturdays.
  1. Where can I get the post codes for post offices? Ans: The codes are uploaded on PCK website Kindly visit the website to get postcodes for all our offices. Click on the link ‘locate a post office and working hours’ and type name of office on the space provided.
  1. Is it possible to pay for rental box online? Ans: Yes you can pay for your Post Office Box using our MPESA Paybill number 506500.  this number serves the Safaricom and Airtel customers.You are required to enter the private letter box number followed by the post code( separated by a dash) eg 34567-00100.  Key in your P.O. Box number as the account number e.g. 34567-00100 then  enter the amount.You can pay for the Quarterly,  Half  Year and Annual  renewal  for   your private letter box.  Payment for the new private letter boxes will be paid in cash at the office of issue.
  1. I have paid for my box but it is locked and I am unable to access my mail, what could be the problem? Ans: There are instances when the locks get faulty due to wear and tear or it can be locked by mistake when it is being dusted. Kindly visit the office where your box is located with both sets of keys. If the lock is faulty it will be replaced and you will be issued with a new set of keys.
  1. I am requesting to have the item I sent to be returned back to me. What is the procedure for this? Ans: You will be required to write an official letter or an email to the Branch Manager at the office of exchange- City Square, and make the request giving reasons why you want the item returned (RTS).


  1. What is the procedure for sending money locally within Kenya? Ans: Visit any post office that is near you. You will be required to fill the Money Order Accounts form 1(MOA1) for an ordinary money order. You will then send the order to the recipient who will then cash the money in the designated office.
  1. Do you have a service where you can send money instantly in Posta? Ans: Yes we do. It’s referred to as Posta Pay service. Visit any of our offices and fill the Posta pay form. Immediately the amount is keyed in, you will be given a transaction number which you will give to the recipient as they go to pick the money from the designated office.
  1. Can I send money internationally in your outlets? Ans: One can send money to Uganda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Burundi.
  1. Can I receive money from international destinations in Posta outlets? Ans: One can receive money from Uganda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Burundi through International Money Order (IMO) service and United Arab Emirates (Dubai) through Instant Cash.
  1. Is it possible to make payments for utility bills in Posta outlets? Ans: Yes. You can make payments for your utility bills in most of our outlets. The utility bills include payments for Kenya Power & Lighting Corporation (KPLC); Nairobi Water; Telkom bills. You can also pay for your DSTV monthly subscription.
  1. Do you offer MPESA and AIRTEL services in your outlets? Ans: Yes. We do transact MPESA & AIRTEL MONEY in Posta outlets. You can deposit and withdraw money.
  1. Which offices offer HUDUMA Services? Ans: We do offer HUDUMA Services in 24 Post offices. The offices are indicated in our website:
  1. Can I carry out Banking Transactions in your outlets? Ans: Yes. We offer Banking services (deposits, withdrawals & balance Inquiries) for Co-operative Bank; Credit Bank; National Bank & Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB)
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