How do I access my TSC Online payslip and download payslip 2018

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How do I access my Online payslip ?
Register for the payslip service by selecting registration/activate account on online payslips under online services
Invalid names when registering for online payslips ?
When you are trying to register and you get invalid user name, ensure that you are filling the names starting with a capital letter and the rest in small letters e.g. Mary WakimuTyping all capital or all small letters will result in an invalid names error.
I have tried registering but still getting invalid fields, what do I do?
email us at and we shall get back to you on the issue.
  • kindly ensure you give us the following details;
  • 1. full names
  • 2. TSC No.
  • 3. the invalid message you are receiving to enable us assist you better e.g invalid account number, invalid DOB
How do I recover my forgotten password ?
Try to remember the secret question and reset your password by clicking forgot password on the login page.
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