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 Did you know that HELB offers Technical, Vocational Education and Training [TVET] loans and bursaries to eligible applicants in public TVET institutes recognized by the Ministry of Education [MoE], members of the Kenya Association of Technical Training Institutions [KATTI] and placed by Kenya Universities Colleges and Placement Service [KUCCPS].

1. Who is eligible for a HELB Technical, Vocational Education

Students in the public Technical, Vocational & Education

Log in to www.helb.co.ke to download the list of colleges who are mem

b. Log in, select and will in the required Loan Application Form

e. Sign the form and attach all the necessary documents as indicated in the checklist appearing on the last page of the


2. How do I know if the college is a member of KATTI

Remember: The HELB Loan Application process is free. Do not pay anyone to process your HELB Loan.

4. I don’t have an ID card; can I apply for a HELB loan? Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment. The national ID is proof of attainment of majority age. The HELB Loan Application form is a contract and legally we are not in a position to enter into a contract with a minor. Training [TVET] Institutes recognized by the Ministry of Education [MoE], a member of The Kenya Association of Technical Training Institutions [KATTI] and placed by Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service [KUCCPS]

Direct Entry Self-Sponsored Students in the public Technical, Vocational & Education Training [TVET] Institutes recognized by the Ministry of Education [MoE], a member of The Kenya Association of Technical Training Institutions [KATTI]

bers of KATTI

3. How do you apply?

a. Visit www.helb.co.ke to register.

[either First Time or subsequent] for the respective program [TVET, Undergraduate or Continuing education] from the HELB website. c. Print two copies of the duly filled Loan Application Form. d. Have the form appropriately filled, signed and stamped by the relevant authorities and guarantors [for first time applicants only] and by the Dean [for subsequent applicants]

Loan Application Form. f. Present one copy of the duly completed Loan Application Form and all the attached supporting documents at any of the following:

g. Retain one copy of the duly filled loan application form i.


Select Huduma Centres: Nairobi GPO, Kakamega, Eldoret, Nakuru, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nyeri, Embu, Machakos, Kisii, Bungoma, Turkana, Meru, Kitui, Kericho, Nandi [Kapsabet], Thika, Garissa, Narok, Migori, Kitale and Muranga for free and secure delivery to HELB Head Office. HELB Student Centre on Mezzanine One [M1], Anniversary Towers, University Way, Nairobi i.

ii. 5. Is it compulsory to apply for a HELB loan?

No. You should apply for a HELB loan only if you are in need of the funds

6. What is the applicable interest rate and when does it start to


The interest is currently 4% per annum for direct entry students and

12% for all salaried applicants. The interest will start to accrue

immediately after the first disbursement

7. Am I eligible for a loan in 2nd year if I did not apply in 1st year?

Yes you are. However one will be required to apply as a first time

applicant during the first time applications window

8. What if I was awarded a loan but it is not enough, can I request for

additional funds?

Yes, if you have a genuine need for additional funds, you can appeal

amounts awarded to you by completing the loan review [appeal] form

on www.helb.co.ke

9. If I discontinue my education, do I have to pay amount awarded to

me even if I didn't complete my education?

Yes, once you are awarded a HELB loan, you will be required to fully

repay the amount in accordance with the terms & conditions as well as

the interest accrued thereafter and penalties incurred [if any]

10. I have a sibling who didn't qualify for HELB loan. Can I share the

amount I was awarded with him/her then we share repayment?

Tuition is disbursed directly to the loan applicant’s learning institution.

However, any willing individual can help you repay your HELB Loan.

11. What if I can’t remember my password for the HELB Online


Use the “forgot password” option available on the portal to recover

your account

12. What if I can’t see the HELB portal activation link on my email?

Please check your junk or spam emails

13. Why is my application form defective?

If any or all of the following are missing then the application is

defective and your form will not be processed:

a. Missing signatures and stamps: i.e. applicants’ signature, parents/guardian, priest, Chief or Assistant chief, Commissioner of Oaths or Magistrate and bank. Please note that signatures and stamping is mandatory.

b. Missing documents: if any of the documents on the checklist haven’t been attached then the form will be termed defective. These include: KCSE result slip, Admission letter; if orphaned, copy/copies of parent/s death certificate; if sponsored in High school, a confirmation letter from the school or sponsor and a colored passport size photo which is to be attached to the form before submission.

c. Scanned copies: the forms to be submitted should be the original copies and not scanned copies, if one submits the scanned copy then it is termed defective since it’s not the original.

d. 2nd & Subsequent loan application forms:

All the subsequent application forms MUST be signed and stamped by the Dean of students. 




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