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Please watch the videos on the e-learning portal –OR – review this PDF and answer a few questions about the content.

Once you’ve reviewed the content,

you will be required to complete and score above a 70% on the assessment in order to advance in the loan process with HELB.

Answers to the assessment included in the materials we have provided you.

There is no need to look at other resources.

We strongly believe that individuals who do take out a HELB loan should not only understand the HELB process and product but also be financially literate so that we can create a sustainable lending platform for future generations.


No. 1 All of the above

No. 2 No. The loan award is a legally binding agreement between HELB and the applicant therefore until you attain the age of 18 years you cannot apply for the loan

No. 3 No. Only apply for a HELB loan if you have no other alternative for funding your university or TVET education. Only if you really need the loan

No. 4 4% per annum

No. 5 The loan shall be due for repayment upon completion of studies or when HELB recalls it

No. 6 The price paid for the use of borrowing money

No. 7 Eating at a restaurant

No. 8 Principal

No. 9 Income not spent

No. 10 Fixed and Flexible

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