Guidelines on Application for Certificate Replacement (s) The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC)

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1.0 Background:

The Kenya National Examinations Council ( KNEC ) started implementing policy in replacement of certificates for the affected candidates who sat for KNEC examinations from year 1981 on 2nd March 2009

2.0    The conditions for replacement   for   certificate (s)  are as follows :

2.1    Replacement for certificate is issued once only

2.2   Applicants   are required   to fill the application form   when   requesting   for   certificate    replacement and submit it to the Council Secretary/Chief Executive, Kenya National Examinations Council, P.O Box 73598 – 00200, and City Square, Nairobi.

The   form  can  be  obtained  from  the  KNEC   Archives  and  Records Offices  or  downloaded  from  KNEC

3.0   Required Documents :

3.1   Copy of the certificate [s] or result slips[s]. Mandatory

3.2    Letter of recommendation   from head teacher of the school attended or from EDO/DEO for private candidates or for those their schools have been closed down addressed to KNEC; [Original Mandatory

3.3  Sworn legal affidavit on identity of applicant; Original Mandatory

3.4   Letter of recommendation from employer to KNEC; Original Mandatory

3.5   Police Abstract indicating of loss of certificate; Report should be done at the point of loss. [Original mandatory]

3.6   Copy of Identification Card [ID]/Passport or Birth Certificate for those under 18 years .The name on Birth Certificate/ID   Must tally  with those used  during   Examination. 

Those who have changed their names legally must attach the legal documents they used to change their name. E.g. marriage certificate for women or the copy of Gazette the changed name appears. [Mandatory]

Application with differing Examination details will not be processed.

3.7    KNEC bank deposit slip; Original Mandatory

4.0   Details of Fees Payable :

4.1   The fees required for Replacement Certificate is KE 5,000/=  16% VAT KE 800/- a total of 5,800 per certificate.

4.2      The fees should be paid at KNEC collection accounts in any branch of the following banks:

                         i.            Equity  Bank

                       ii.            Co-operative Bank  of Kenya

                      iii.            National Bank of Kenya

                     iv.            Kenya Commercial  Bank

[KNEC deposit bank slips are available in these banks]

5.0 Collection of the Replacements Certificate :

5.1   The replacement certificate should be   collected in person by the owner   in representation of original passport/ID. Minor, to be accompanied   by   one   of   the parents with original ID.

5.2   Certificates that will not have been collected within 2 years   from date of application will be disposed off without further communication and No refund.

6.0   Notes : 

6.1    KNEC does not accept cheques.

6.2    Replacement takes duration of sixty working days.

KNEC currently replaces certificates for the examinations of year 1981 to 2010 only.

6.3    Post schools examination s [Business and Technical; Modular courses] copies of results slips for all modules sat must be attached.

6.4   Clients must ensure that their certificates are lost /destroyed before applying for replacement.

Money once paid is not refundable in under any circumstances.

6.5   Incomplete application forms will not be processed.

7.0   Further equerries may be sent to the Council Secretary/Chief Executive, Kenya National Examination Council, Attention: Head of Section Archives and Records.

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