GoDaddy Good As Gold payment option is secure and easy to use

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Here's how it works:

1. Set up your Good As Gold plan. Your information is secure and password-protected.

2. Download complete, easy to understand instructions on how to do a wire transfer. (Wire transfers are easy to do and extremely secure; your bank does them all the time.)

3. Stock your Good As Gold plan with cash to spend. After your initial opening deposit of at least $100.00USD, you may continue to restock your plan with amounts of $100.00USD or more.

4. We email you confirmation that your Good As Gold plan is set. Now you're ready to buy whatever you like! You can check your balance any time. You can even set a minimum amount you'd like to keep in your Good As Gold plan; we'll email you if you hit that level. And you can withdraw your balance at any time subject to terms and conditions

Ready to set up YOUR Good As Gold plan? Let's go! Just indicate your acceptance of the Good As Gold Service Agreement below and select whether you're an existing or new customer.

Good as Gold is transacted in USD only. Good as Gold is not available for use as a partial payment meth

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