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General Service Officer (GSO) Cadets, requirements, salary and intake

Candidates wishing to join the Kenyan Defence Forces as GSO Cadets must apply through responding to advertisements placed in the mass media (print and electronic). The candidates must:

(1) Be Kenyan citizens
(2) Be aged between 18 and 26 years
(3) Not be less than 5 ft 3 in. (5’3”) high
(4) Weigh at least:
(a) Men – 54.55 Kg (120 lb)
(b) Women – 50 Kg (110 lb)
(5) Be medically fit
(6) Not have a criminal record
(7) Be in possession of a valid National Identity Card
(8) Hold a mean Grade B (Plain) certificate or higher standard of education. Preference to be given to graduates.
(9) Female candidates must NOT be pregnant.

The Army, Air Force and Navy will subject their candidates to their respective “Special to Services” selection interviews.

Any graduate candidate who opts to join the Defence Forces as a GSO will lose all the benefits accorded to a Specialist Officer and will have to fulfil all conditions laid down for a GSO.

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  • 22/Mar/18 08:57pm

Hello? Am a student pursuing a course in Civil engineering and I would like join the Kenya Defence Forces, What can i do?

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  • 17/Aug/18 11:00pm

Hey dont you think this is unfare....you should lower the minimum grade to a c plus because initially it was all about qualifying to university.

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  • 28/Sep/18 08:42pm

I am a student at egerton university taking education science and i had a mean grade of B- 2016.Can i be able to join cadet?

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