Fat Payslip - Over 4000 TVET tutors moved from TSC to Public Service

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TSC Promotion Kenya

4,000 plus tutors in technical and vocational training institutions are being transferred from the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) due to its tough recruitment requirements.

The tutors have been moved to Public Service Commission (PSC) effective July 1.

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Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Principal Secretary Jobs

Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Principal Secretary Kevit Desai also cited TSC’s inability to recognize the qualifications of  tutors who undergo training through the TVET training path in their career progression.

Dr Desai said for instance, a trainer with higher national diploma, who scored C- at Form Four cannot hired by TSC.

However under the new scheme, he said such trainers will only be required to provide their highest qualifications to be hired or promoted.

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Ministryof Education Kenya

“The Ministry is in the process of putting in place a division of trainer management to be headed by a deputy director of TVET who will be answerable to the Director of Technical Education,” said the PS while addressing journalists in his office.

He added that the tutors have been moved following a deal between TSC and PSC in order to comply with TVET Act 2013.

Under the new scheme of service a diploma holder will be hired at Job Group J with a salary of Sh27,680 to Sh32,920 while degree holders will start at Job Group K with their salaries ranging between Sh34,110  and Sh44,750.

Dr Desai said the government will recruit additional 2,000 tutors in order to address the shortage currently being witnessed in the sector.

The development is a blow to Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (Kuppet) since their tutors have been members of the union but will now shift to professional bodies.

Dr Desai said the Ministry involved representatives of Kenya Technical Training Institutes (KATTI) leadership in developing the inaugural scheme of service.

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“The development was informed by the urgency to move the trainers from TSC in order to comply with TVET Act 2013.This scheme shall be improved eventually in order to attract high calibre staff and to promote staff retention,” said the PS.

He said Principals will exercise their prerogative to appoint trainers to those offices by advising the director of Technical education about the trainers to deploy to officers of heads of departments, registrars and deans among others.

“The scheme of service for trainers will be reviewed from time to time , in fact the ministry intends to make it more competitive so that it can attract the most highly skilled personnel from the industry ; for this to happen , the scheme of service must essentially better than what is on offer from the industry,” said Dr Desai.

On fees paid in the institutions, Dr Desai said it will not exceed Sh56,420 per year in which Sh30, 000 will be paid by the government while parents will cater for Sh26,420.

However, he said students who have completed paying fees, those with scholarships from among others will not benefit from government capitation.

For trainees to benefit from the bursary, their names must be forwarded to the ministry by Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS).

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