Experts support scrapping of KCPE, say itテ「竄ャ邃「s like death sentence

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Teachers conference told primary final exams are irrelevant, wrongly label some pupils as failures and deny them further education.

Secondary school teachers yesterday welcomed plans by both the opposition and the administration to introduce free secondary education next year.

Kenya Secondary School Heads Association chairman Indimuli Kahi said, however, it’s necessary to expand infrastructure and increase the number of teaching staff for the programme to be effective. He spoke to the press during the first day of the 42nd Kessha Annual Conference at Wild Waters, Mombasa. Kahi said teachers are ready for the new programme.
“First, we should ensure the infrastructure is in place to handle the increased number of children joining secondary schools,” he said.

Kahi said the country has a shortage of teachers and it will be difficult for the programme to run smoothly if the teach- er-student ratio is too big.

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