Earn Money Online in Kenya - Start Making Money Online articles and reviews

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Earn Money Online in Kenya, get paid for your articles and reviews

This an  opportunity for you to earn money online through the following ways:

  1. Submi past examinations question papers  We pay bewteen Ksh. 10 and Ksh. 20 for each approved past paper.(- You make money per each valid past paper.)
  2. Writing reviews in technology: mobile, computer tablet and laptop reviews You will be rewarded for writing non-biased reviews published on www.knecportal.co . Only genuine reviews will appear on our website. Fake reviews will not be published. We pay  Ksh. 100 for posting high quality reviews (only high quality, non-biased and detailed reviews ).
  3. Posting articles, high quality articles, original and descriptive articles will be rewarded. Earnings range from Ksh. 100 to Ksh. 150 per each high quality article.
  4. Adding colleges, univerities and courses .
  5. Adding courses to universities – We will pay you for each valid course you link to university. To do this, simply go to universities section, search for a university and while on the university details page, add a course to the university. Please make sure that the university offers the course before adding.
  6. Adding businesses to the business directory – You will earn for each valid business entry added.

All entries posted are reviewed within one week. After review, paymet in made via MPESA when you reach a threshhold of 1K (KES.1000/=) for posts approved and published.

Only comprehensive and well written posts will be rewarded.
The amount of money awarded for each contribution will be determined by quality of the posts
This program is ideal for Kenyan students and those who want to make some extra pocket money.
Note: This program is open only to Kenyans at the moment.
NB: Copying content from other websites is strictly forbidden and copied content will be immediately deleted and the affected member banned from participating article submission. A banned member will lose all the earned amount in his/her account.
To receive payment, you need to have updated your registration data with your mobile phone number. To add your mobile phone(if you have not done that so far), please go to register now.
To participate in this program, you must be a registered member. Please register (if you are not registered by following the link below

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