Download KNEC KCSE past papers with answers and marking schemes 2018

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Download kcse past papers with answers from these websites

  • Advance Africa - This site gives you free KCSE past papers with answers. There is no option for downloading, but you can easily copy-paste them to your device and edit.
  • Free KCSE past papers – This site gives downloadable KCSE past papers, well arranged by year and subject. As for the answers you have to pay a certain fee for the marking scheme, not so expensive though.
  • KCSE Online – This site has everything from notes, syllabus, schemes and even a DVD option for the papers, the trick is it is a bit hard to maneuver the site and may be frustrating.
  • Revision - This site gives you free registration and access to the site but for a short while, but it has a vast array of papers.
  • – This site has downloadable papers and gives a link to where you can get the answers to the papers, it’s a different site yet linked to them. They also give an option to get sets of papers and their answers with one link, they are all free KCSE past papers.
  • Online tutors - This site only offers access to those that are members. Therefore, there’s no access to KCSE mock papers unless you pay a premium fee.

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