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Kenya High Schools have created more than one million Form One places in readiness for a massive enrolment in January.

The slots in both public and private secondary schools will be more than enough for the 993,000 candidates who sat the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education this year and have been specifically created to support the free day secondary school programme which will begin in January.

Letters of Form One selection are posted on the ministry’s website and schools can print them out.

A circular to all principals from Dr Kipsang’ said candidates joining boarding schools will get their admission details on the ministry’s website.

Of the candidates to be selected, 498,775 are boys and 494,943 girls. All candidates who scored 400 marks and above will be admitted to national schools, irrespective of whether they were in private or public schools.

Form One admission List


  2. ALLIANCE HIGH SCHOOL – Boys Boarding
  3. ASUMBI GIRLS – Girls Boarding
  4. BUNYORE GIRLS – Girls Boarding
  5. BURA GIRLS – Girls Boarding
  6. CHOGORIA GIRLS – Girls Boarding
  7. FRIENDS KAMUSINGA – Boys Boarding
  8. GARISSA HIGH – Boys Boarding
  9. KAGUMO HIGH – Boys Boarding
  10. KAKAMEGA HIGH – Boys Boarding
  11. KANGA HIGH – Boys Boarding
  12. KAPSABET BOYS – Boys Boarding
  13. KARIMA GIRLS – Girls Boarding
  14. KENYATTA HIGH MWATATE – Boys Boarding
  15. KIPSIGIS GIRLS’ HIGH SCHOOL – Girls Boarding

List of National Secondary Schools in Kenya 2018

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