Dispose : Can I Burn Used Diapers or  menstrual pads

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Dispose : Can I Burn Used Diapers or  menstrual pads?

Its not considered a good idea because of the dioxins released when you burn diapers. Most disposable diapers or pads contain various chemicals and plastic lining, so if you’re burning them in an enclosed space like an indoor fireplace, you could be releasing potentially dangerous emissions.

If done outdoors on a large fire, the worry would be much less. However, those who do burn diapers have reported that single-use diapers do not burn easily, and they often have to burn them a second time or bury them after burning.

Not great for the environment either.

How to dispose With Ease 

Whether you’re at home or on the go, good hygiene and respect for the comfort of others are paramount when disposing of a diaper properly. Using these tips will keep the germs — and the smells — at bay, and prevent exposing others to the hazards of fecal matter.

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